Bajka will tell you the truth: the Pinocchio effect

Bajka will tell you the truth: the Pinocchio effect

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We know the creation of Pinocchio primarily from Walt Disney's fairy tale, in which while the little puppet was lying, her nose was growing dramatically. It turns out that the idea of ​​unmasking liars is not as far from reality as it might seem. Researchers at the University of Granada in Spain have found that when people lie, their noses and muscles in this area become hot. This condition was called the Pinocchio effect. Scientists using an infrared camera noticed that with intense mental effort, the temperature around the nose decreases, and when we start to miss the truth, it increases.

The Spaniards had previously investigated another phenomenon. Namely, they noticed that during sexual arousal, the body temperature in the chest area and genitals increases. Interesting were also other research results, which suggested that each type of dance changes body temperature in a different way, as if "heating" other parts of the body.