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Unusual delicacies

Unusual delicacies

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Sometimes a simple idea is enough to change the environment. The following suggestions will certainly appeal to both small and large. And how do you like them?

Snowman made of popcorn

We can make a cute snowman not only from ice, but also from popcorn. This snowman will not only be a tasty surprise, but also an interesting table decoration. Its undoubted advantage is the fact that it does not require baking. It can be prepared in a few moments.

We will need:

  • popcorn for cooking at home (in a pan or microwave)
  • one bag of colored Jojo foams
  • one teaspoon of vanilla
  • butter
  • mini M & M's packaging
  • red thin oblong jelly beans (you can buy them at jelly stands, sometimes also packed)


In a small pot on low heat, melt the colored foams.

Add vanilla to melted foams and let stand for about 5 minutes.

Fill a large bowl with pre-prepared popcorn and pour in the previously prepared mixture, stirring the wooden spoon in such a way that the popcorn is fully covered.

Now, using butter, form balls of popcorn: smaller for the head and larger for the belly. Use so much popcorn until it is empty in the bowl.

Then, using M & M's, make eyes as well as buttons, then a hat using Jojo foam and using oblong jelly beans to create a scarf. Finished.

Lego jelly beans

Does your child like Lego? Additionally, he doesn't refuse jellies? Then try this simple recipe.

All you have to do is wash some selected bricks and fill them with solid jelly. You can also add fruit.

Simple and effective.