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Top commentator results and book competition

Top commentator results and book competition

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Dear parents, we are pleased to once again announce the competition results in the pages of the page. In both games, the competition task was to leave a comment on the page.

In the competition for the top commentator in November, we decided to distinguish two people.

  • olka K a shopping voucher worth PLN 100 and a handmade bracelet for the comment:
    "You thought it well. Today there are too many articles and places that you can't trust. There are no sponsored articles, promotional information is smuggled in the texts. Everything subliminal, without the reader's permission and, worse, without his knowledge. That is why it is worth checking the parental kits department, even when it seems that in this way not very optimistic information is obtained. You probably risk writing some of the lyrics, but it's important for me to have a place where I can find a free, independent voice. "
  • kinii hand-made bracelet for the comment:
    "I think it's worth reading because ... we often underestimate what we have. We are still sitting on high heels, we want to be somewhere else, what else to do. We have the impression that we are missing something. The reality is that you have to be happy and proud of what you have. And that every time has its pros and cons ... "

In the competition where you could win "Healthy Eating and Hygiene" by Grażyna Tuchmacher and the competition task was to share information about what tasted best during pregnancy, we distinguished two answers:

  • Emilia Kacperska

    "The best was the simplest :) I had an amazing desire to ... (CAUTION !!) Onions !! And the best way I combined it with tuna: P A mega sandwich was created - a slice of bread, canned tuna, onion and mayonnaise ... pychaaa ... but since I was born I can't look at tuna :) "

  • Ma_niusię

    "I used to eat eggs during pregnancy (which I don't like to put it mildly outside of this period). I eat eggs every day for 5 months and sometimes 5 pieces a day !!! Sandwiches with egg paste. Scrambled eggs with various toppings. Hard-boiled eggs. Lane noodles for broth. Omelettes. Fortunately, my grandmother's neighbor has her own backyard cocks and I ate probably all their eggs! The family was laughing that I would probably give birth to a chicken ;-) However, my doctor reassured me that my body was calling for DHA and something else that I already lacked before pregnancy so I can eat safely :-) And I always drank it with a curd milk and blueberry cocktail or strawberries.

    PS: My Son loves eggs :-))) And since I gave birth, I don't like "normally" again ;-) "

Thank you all for participating in organized competitions. Congratulations to the winners!

We have already started working on subsequent concepts of cyclical games. It promises to be interesting, especially that in January the portal will celebrate its first birthday ... :)