The cheapest diapers, baby wipes and toys

The cheapest diapers, baby wipes and toys

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Where to buy the cheapest favorite diapers? How much can you save on baby wipes? There is no point in overpaying, since the same product can be bought much cheaper. Check out the best offers of the week.

Hygienic products

  • Pampers Value Pack + diapers when buying two packs price in Real Stores 44.95 per pack
  • Huggies Super Dry baby diapers all sizes at a price of 32.99 at the Super-Pharma retail chain
  • Newborn Pampers 23 pcs. At a price of 17.59 and Pampers Mini Giant Pack 108 pcs at a price of 42.39 (in addition to 50% cheaper diaper packaging Pampers baby fresh wet wipes) in drugstores
  • Pampers diapers midi 70 pcs At a price of 39.99 in Tesco supermarkets
  • Pampers at Super-Pharma with a LifeStyle card for the price of 39.99 (12/12/2012)
  • Super Dry Huggies for 58.99 at Carrefour supermarkets
  • Real baby wet wipes 4 × 63 pcs. Price: 16.99 brand product
  • Pampers Sensitive baby wipes for 21.99 at Super-Pharma for 4 packs
  • Bobini baby wipes in Carrefour supermarkets at the price of 6.19 first product, the second 50% cheaper at the price of 3.10
  • Pampers wipes Wuatro 4x56pcs at a price of 19.99 per pack at Tesco supermarkets
  • Huggies wipes pack 6 × 64 in Real stores at a price of 22.99
  • Cleanic Kindii baby wet wipes 4 packs for PLN 19.99 for LifeStyle card holders
  • Nivea Baby Nutri Sensitive skincare cosmetics for children, various types for 12.99 pcs. In Real supermarkets
  • HiPP products for children at Super-Pharma drugstores 30% cheaper (whole series)
  • Johnson's Baby Bedtime products for children at Super-Pharma at a reduced price of 20% (whole series)
  • Oral B Strages toothpaste at a price of 7.79 at Rossmann drugstores

Something for moms

  • Perfect Mama preparation against stretch marks, and anti-cellulite preparation 150ml at 17.99 instead of 22.89, we can find on Rossmann shelves
  • Bielenda SEXY MAMA effective treatment for breast care 100ml and effective treatment against stretch marks at Rossmann drugstores at a price of 15.69
  • Tołpa dermo body mum products for women with sensitive skin during pregnancy and after delivery at the price of 31.99 (dermocosmetics)


  • HiPP Bio Combiotik baby milk pack 800g for the price of 34.95 in Real
  • Beblion modified milk 800g powder for children 38.99 in the Super-Pharma network
  • Bebiko modified milk various types in a 350G pack for 11.99 in the Rossmann drugstore chain
  • BoboVita offers Real desserts for children 3 in stores at a price of 2, where we will pay only 2.86 for one pack
  • Gerber dessert for children offers 3 packs at a price of 5.59
  • Gerber 190g Polish dish for the price of 5.29 in the Tesco supermarket chain
  • HiPP Baby Bio dinners for children various types pack 2x220g in Real stores is offered at the price of 10.99, where HiPP Bio dinners and soups for children 190-200g are offered at the price of 4.99 at Super-Pharma (price applies to LifeStyle card holders )
  • BoboVita dish for children various types 2x250g packaging at a price of 8.49 in Real, BoboVita in Carrefour supermarkets offers a package at a price of 3.44 when buying 4 pcs. Different types with a capacity of 190g
  • Gerber Doremi dishes for children in the Real offer for 6.49 the first product, buying a second we will pay 50% cheaper, i.e. 3.25
  • BoboVita porridge for children milk-rice in Real supermarkets at a price of 10.99 for 2x230g, while in Tesco supermarkets the offer assumes that for 2 packages we will pay PLN 12
  • Nestle porridge for children 250G pack at a price of 10.49 in the chain of Real stores, Nestle porridge for children in Carrefour supermarkets offered at a price of 5.54 per pack when you buy 4 packages at the same time
  • BoboVita Tea for children various types 400g for 14.99 in Real stores
  • Nestle yogurt for children different flavors at a price of 8.99 in Real supermarkets
  • Danone offers Danonki cheese in Carrefour supermarkets at a price of 5.39 per pack 4x90g, various flavors
  • HiPP Bio desserts for children at Super-Pharma at a price of 2.99 per 125g pack
  • Bobo Frut juices and nectars for children can be found at the price of 2.99 on the Super-Pharma chain


  • baby suit in sizes 77- 98 in Real supermarkets are offered at a price of 39.95
  • Youth pilot's hat for 12.99 in Real
  • Pajamas for children licensed in various types, sizes in the Real offer at a price of 34.95
  • Children's tights sizes 92-122cm for 12.99 in Real
  • Baby suit in sizes 68-104 at Carrefour supermarkets at a price of 39.99


  • 1000 pieces puzzle in Carrefour stores for 9.99 (3 types)
  • FisherPrice bilingual pupil pupils for 89.99 at Tesco supermarkets
  • Carousel Drum in the Tesco offer for 43.99
  • Wooden sledge with backrest at Tesco at the price of 79.99 per item, while metal sleds with backrest can be purchased at the price of 39.99
  • Vtech walker at 213.49 in Tesco supermarkets
  • Lego City "dumper 4434" at the price of 79.99 at Rossmann drugstores
  • Lego Duplo "my first farm 6141" in Rossmann is offered at a promotional price of 89.99

The duration of the promotion in selected stores
Real December 12, 2012
Carrefour 05-10-12.2012
Tesco (toys) November 29 - 24, 2012
Tesco 12/12/12/2012
Super-Pharma from November 29 to December 12, 2012
Rossmann 29.11-13.12.2012