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Andrzejki with a child - interesting ideas for having fun together

Andrzejki with a child - interesting ideas for having fun together

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Although many Andrzej's fun is clearly associated as an event for adults, it can and most importantly: it is worth spending it with children. Inviting not only familiar babies, but also their parents. Also those we didn't know best so far. It's a great idea for joint integration. Below are some interesting suggestions for St. Andrew's party.

Divination in a balloon

Even before the meeting, it's worth taking care of the right attractions. In balloons you can hide divination: "In three years, we'll buy a brother", "In five days you will go with the child for a long walk" "The day after tomorrow you will read your child's bedtime book", etc.
Fortune-telling balloons can be earlier used to have fun, bounce, dance. And at the end of the game we carry out a draw, pierce and read the divination.

The future in 20 years

Fortune-telling can begin with handing parents a piece of paper and pencils or crayons and asking them to draw what they imagine their own children in 20 years. Pictures prepared in this way may be able to be saved and viewed after two decades, checking whether our visions were successful.

What did we like today?

Parents and children are sitting in a circle and each in turn answers the question "what I liked today", "what I would like to happen more often", "what I would like in the future." The answers can be fun, surprising and ... they can tell us something new about each other.

Occupation of a child

The next point of the fun can be drawing from the hat of previously prepared competition cards. In this way, children can also learn the names of their future life partners, written on small hearts cut out of paper.
Another version of this game involves the use of accessories associated with the profession: e.g. ... comb (hairdresser), spoons (chef), calculator (accountant), which are arranged in a circle. In the middle we put a plastic bottle. Children spin and when they fall on a particular object, they try to guess what it symbolizes and who, according to divination, they will be in the future.

Resolving knots

Perfect fun for both children and adults. We prepare ribbons or laces and tie knots. We begin solving within the allotted time. The more you solve, the more dreams you will fulfill in the coming year.
Note: if the string is longer, more people, divided into groups, can participate in the fun at the same time.

Rolling the dice

Children generally like to throw dice. It is worth using it. After that, when a certain result comes out, all we have to do is read in a serious voice and with a focused expression:
1- jump from a parachute
2- you will travel around the world
3- you will win a million in a lottery
4- you will appear in a well-known TV program
5- you will play in the movie
6- fly to the moon

Children's shoes

This is a very popular divination. It is enough for children to prepare the right shoes and from a designated point in the room start "step by step" to move them to a previously selected point, for example a door. The shoe of a child who "arrives" first will indicate the owner who will be the first to marry or get married or a winning person who will have the opportunity to get some prize or privilege.

Mandatory wax

Pouring wax through the keyhole does not have to be fun only for adults. If we take care of safety, children can also accompany us in divination. Especially when guessing the resulting shapes, unlimited imagination of a child can be very helpful.

And you, how do you plan to spend St. Andrew's Day? Share your plans!