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No wedding or credit merges like ... a child, i.e. a great test for a relationship

No wedding or credit merges like ... a child, i.e. a great test for a relationship

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Before I got married, I read and heard a lot of stories about how much that changes when I get married. They told me about magically falling flaps from my eyes, exasperation due to the fact that he does not put the glasses in the dishwasher, nor can he hit the socks in the basket. I have heard of neglected wives, women who have achieved their goal and decided that they no longer need to take care of themselves. Someone mentioned a greater temptation to betrayal, and even that every second marriage breaks down anyway. Probably all this is true ... However, little is said that the real test comes later, when children appear in the world. Nothing connects a relationship like a child. And nothing puts so much to the test of marital love ...

Many of the self-gazing lovers turn into grumpy, over-protective parents. There are no more sighs at the sight of the beloved, but there is complete fixation against the background of the child. This child begins to be in the center, it dethrones a loved one, collects all the love that is no longer enough for anyone. If for a moment, it's natural, but if total focus on the toddler and forgetting about the partner last too long, it's a drama. Drama for parents and for a child too.

Because we don't have to be together, but we will always be parents

Credit or marriage need not be for life. The growing numbers of divorces confirm this. The child, however, bond forever. Sure, there are plenty of men and women who can't stand the pressure and run away from the duty of childcare. However, this does not change the simple fact that even an absent parent is still a parent.

There may be someone "in place", even a hundred times better, more involved, attentive and sensitive to the child's needs, but longing for a biological parent always exists. It is like a wound that heals but leaves a large scar. Most of us, even those with the most twisted fates, at some stage of life will simply do a lot to meet their absent biological parent. He does it even to find out "why".

Because a child changes us as people

Some say that maturity comes with the birth of a child. This is a bit unfair thesis, because not everyone is given the possession of children. There are also people who simply never grow up to the role of mom or dad. I think that the more fair thesis is that the birth of a child allows us to mature, rearrange the values, get rid of selfishness a bit and focus on the little person who needs us the most in the world.

It comes with responsibilities and restrictions

Although the birth of a child is a great life revolution, which makes our lives stand on our heads, the number of duties increases, time goes by, stress and misunderstandings appear, but at the same time one can learn better organization and gain additional motivation to develop. Children give strength to try harder and change themselves and the conditions in which we live for the better.

Love for a child is one of the greatest engines of humanity. Unfortunately, it is so huge that many people lose themselves in it and forget about themselves and their partner. It is because of this that so many relationships fall apart. Paradoxically, marriage often fails the test of a child's birth. Women stop seeing marriage, see a child. They cannot find the enthusiasm of a woman in love, but they change into demanding and stressed moms. Some men also have a similar problem. The problem is big, and little is said about it.

Childbirth is a great test ... for relationship and character. It can strengthen love, but it can also be its end.