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How do you toss a present under a Christmas tree?

How do you toss a present under a Christmas tree?

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When children are tiny, placing presents under the Christmas tree is easy. When they grow and begin to understand more, as well as "hunt" for Santa / Santa / Angel is a big challenge. There are known cases of "guard" under the Christmas tree, all to catch Santa in the "red hand". Is there a way to do this? How to imperceptibly put a gift under the Christmas tree?

How do you toss a present under a Christmas tree so that children do not know?

Parents are doubling and tripling about how to imperceptibly plant presents so that children do not realize. After all, it is not always hired Santa on Christmas Eve supper, who has his dream gifts in the sack.

Then what?

Then you need more creativity and a bit of cabaret to make everything work.

A very popular method is to look at the sky and look for the first star, which symbolically begins Christmas Eve. You can start observing the sky in a room where there is no Christmas tree, you can also dress and go outside, which will make it even easier for one of the adults to put presents under the Christmas tree. Sometimes you have to sing or call Santa to make some noise so that the person placing the presents does not get attention.

How to put a gift under the Christmas tree? Let's check if the animals speak?

Another idea, especially if we spend Christmas in the countryside, is to dress after Christmas Eve and visit the animals, check if they speak with a human voice.

As the legend says on Christmas Eve, once a year, all animals gain the gift of better communication with people and speak with a human voice. Who would not want to hear that?

Washed handles?

Another idea to motivate children to leave the room where the Christmas tree stands is to ask them to thoroughly wash their hands before Christmas Eve. One of the parents goes with the children and supervises the process of washing their hands, so that they are really clean on this special day, and the other person puts presents and opens the window to make the situation real, or in the houses with a fireplace, opens the fireplace door and scatters some soot ...

Everyone is dressed up for the holiday?

Another moment to put presents is the moment when children prepare for Christmas Eve by dressing in their room. There is usually enough time to ensure that all presents are under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve outside the home

The situation is much simpler when we go to the family on Christmas Eve and come directly for dinner. Then we usually enter the house where all the presents are already arranged under a beautifully decorated tree.

Some people decide to return to their home the same day and to give their children a home as well. Then one of the parents puts a gift under the Christmas tree in his own home. When the family is sitting in the car and is about to go on Christmas Eve, it turns out that one of the parents forgot something and returns home to put presents under the Christmas tree.

And for you, what does this magical moment look like when presents appear under the Christmas tree?