9 weeks of pregnancy

9 weeks of pregnancy

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Congratulations, your little worm is a fetus! From the embryo stage, it enters the next, in which further very intensive development takes place.

From week to week, your figure will change more and more. The effort your body is facing is compared to climbing Mont Everest or running a marathon. Therefore, instead of asking too much of yourself, be forgiving.


From the ninth week, the developing child is already called a fetus, not an embryo. The toddler already has about 2.5 cm long, which is the size it resembles medium green olive.

The significant change that is now taking place in the development of the toddler is tail disappearwho accompanied him to the ninth week of pregnancy. The baby's torso becomes longer and straight. The head is still half the length of the torso. For a change, the face is more and more like the face of a child, which we see after delivery. Nose and mouth appear. The ears move to the sides of the head and the eyes move forward. The tiny fingers are still connected by a thin and delicate membrane.

This week they are also beginning to shape small muscles that allow your child to move. They will make you feel the long-awaited first moves in a month.

Almost all internal organs are already formed. They are the last to be created digestive organs and anus.
A toddler who has about 30 mm, he can already touch his mouth with his hand. Admittedly, but still. Is very sensitive to touch and he feels every change with his whole body.


Folds appeared under the favorite blouse, and it becomes impossible to attach the belt in a known place? All bras you have worn so far are too tight?

Welcome to the world of "trucks." A side effect of all these changes will be smoothing of the skin (or unfortunately the opposite - the appearance of many imperfections). Similarly with hair - those who have a tendency to get greasy in pregnancy tend to be longer fresh and fluffy, while so-called normal hair often changes to the disadvantage and gets greasy faster.

Maybe you are feeling right now real joy of being pregnant. As soon as your body gets used to the new situation, you can feel a new surge of energy.

In addition, when morning nausea subsides, you can count on appetite improvement. You may notice on your stomach, legs and breasts increase in the number of lines, which is related to the increase in blood volume.

What should be remembered?

Take care of yourself, treat yourself to small pleasures. Think positive. This is very important.

If the existing clothing seems too tight, you can slowly complete new clothes. You don't have to decide on typical new maternity clothing, which is often expensive. It is worth looking for used jeans or skirts, which often in perfect condition offer other women on the Internet.

Wondering if you can dye your hair during pregnancy? Read!

From mom's diary

Although the belly is not yet visible, I do not dare to sing "I am a butterfly". I am far from lightness, freedom and unlimited possibilities with which these insects can move. Soon I will be really big and this perspective reaches me more and more. Especially since the pregnancy has been medically confirmed: ... how beautiful it sounds.

At the beginning of this week we were at the gynecologist who was looking at the ultrasound image with a smile. My husband did not dare to stay with me during the examination, and I did not know that it was possible. In this way, I saw the ultrasound image and our little crumb (without my husband, but of course with the doctor). Her husband kept his fingers crossed and was extremely nervous waiting for us outside the office. And I was touched ... This tiny creature, which found itself in my stomach, took on extremely real shapes.

It is strange, but after a visit to the doctor, it became not only the child (who until now functioned in the sphere of dreams and, despite all assumptions and fears, whether I am pregnant and whether the child is developing properly), but also delivery. Will it really hurt as they say? Can I stand it? Can I give birth to a newborn who will scream loudly just a few moments after delivery? :)

From dad's diaries

I didn't confess to myself ... but I was afraid of this test as hell.

You hear so much about complications, ectopic pregnancies, abnormalities, miscarriages. Where are you heard from? Of course, I didn't read it myself, for what? She told me about it at every turn. She was worried over and over again about what could go wrong. What could I? I listened and tried not to worry about all of this myself. I even wanted to disconnect her from the internet, but ... it seemed like it ended.

Either way: Everything is fine. And for the next examination I will definitely come inside. I will not wait outside the office!

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