Parents demand homework ... in kindergarten

Parents demand homework ... in kindergarten

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Marzena wrote to us. She asked for anonymity: "Please address the topic of homework given by the teacher to preschoolers. No, I wasn't wrong. I am after a meeting with my parents where I heard that I should give homework to six-year-old children. Personally, I think this is an exaggeration, but most parents were in favor of the task. The main argument is the need to prepare for school, which I still understand, but the next one that appeared is that children after kindergarten are bored. Honestly, I was dumbfounded here. Children picked up from kindergarten around 16-17 are bored at home? Aside from the fact that boredom is also needed, how much time do parents spend with their children? After picking up the children from kindergarten, there is not much time left to be together, play a board game, pick up chestnuts, or make dinner together ... Do you really need homework at this age? "

Kindergarten children only play

Marzena's kindergarten parents who require the teacher to do homework in the kindergarten group are not as shocking as statements of outraged parents who say that their three-year-old children in kindergarten ... are just playing. The irritation is all the more because three weeks of September have passed, and you don't see any progress in science.

Parents are getting impatient, and the teachers calm down that September is the time of adaptation, that time will come for books and "more serious" tasks. In retaliation, they hear that kindergarten is a storage room and a waste of time, because the kids, "instead of doing something serious," just play. "

Mom, dad, give me a second

And who has heard the story about schoolchildren in the fourth and higher grades who come up with homework to ... motivate parents to spend time with them?

The children are skilled observers and see that when they have something assigned, the parent is interested, checks the notebook, suggests how to do the task. This shard of attention is better than none ... so the children try to get what they need so much ...

Or maybe housework for preschool children are just benefits?

Opponents of homework cite more and more scientific research and publications that prove that the benefit of doing homework is heavily overestimated. Aside from the fact that housework doesn't add much their value cannot be verified, because you never know if a child has completed a task by himself. There is another argument. No one defends a parent working with a child. If the parent wants, they can support the child by coloring or doing shorts together. You don't need homework to spend time together.

Supporters of housework given to preschoolers indicate that today there are plenty of children willing to learn new things and ambitious parents who want to support the development of children. They mainly list the following advantages of homework:

  • children learn duty and regularity,
  • you can "catch" any child's problems in the field of art work,
  • they get used to housework,
  • some children, especially the youngest, feel proud that they have "set things", just like older siblings.

A solution that reconciles both sides - supporters and opponents of homework in kindergarten - is asking homework for volunteers once a week, with the option of completing the task for several days.

And you, what do you think about it?