500+ is not enough? Will there be 1000+?

500+ is not enough? Will there be 1000+?

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The flagship program of the ruling party is not enough to convince voters. The more so that the current 500+ program, as the politicians themselves note, is consumed by inflation. It is getting more and more expensive, so the amount of funding for parents must be increased. There are plans to convert the known benefit into 1000+ - as reported by "Super Express". When will the changes come into effect?

What is 500+ intended for?

500+ is currently dedicated to many needs. In some families, it allows you to buy better food and meet the basic needs for buying children's clothing. Other parents save the amounts they receive to pay them to their children in the future, ensuring a better start in life. There are also those who invest money in the development of children by enrolling them for additional English or swimming classes. There is no shortage of families where 500+ is spent on renovations, moving to a larger house, buying household appliances or a larger car. In a few situations, the benefit is used contrary to its purpose - it is used to buy alcohol and sponsor children's parents' events.

1000+ for Poles, that more children would be born

Recently, it has been increasingly said that changes to the 500+ program are inevitable. Politicians want to increase the value of money received by Poles, because the infamous PLN 500 is not enough.

The rulers in unofficial conversations speculate when the sum of benefits paid could increase. However, no specific dates are given.

Are the rulers testing what effect the unofficial announcement of raising the amount of the benefit will bring among voters? Will benefits paid to parents every month actually increase? And does this make sense? Will the increase in the sum of contributions paid out cause inflation again?


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