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Teacher Day

Teacher Day

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On October 14, we traditionally celebrate Teacher's Day, or National Education Day. As every year, this event brings to the table related topics: the future of the profession, home teaching, approach to educators, their rights and obligations, and many others.

Teaching debates take place every day. Not only from holidays. Nothing unusual. There is something to talk about. After all, it's about the future of our children.

Kindergarten or teacher?

Many kindergarten teachers are irritated when they are called preschoolers. Such a "deadline" detracts from their role and is associated at least inadequately, it does not match the function they perform. Kindergarten is more associated with a little girl going to kindergarten than with an adult woman looking after children.

It is forgotten that in kindergartens, most often educated people have specialized education and experience and willingness to study in a chosen direction. These teachers are often appointed, appreciated and honored in their efforts. They have exactly the same education as ladies teaching at school, but they are called differently, which seems harmful.

Respect for the teacher

Much is also said about respect for the teacher, and actually about how much is missing. There are many theories about why teachers are often underestimated and there is a view that students have more rights than them. Educators point to the house where everything is to begin and observe the attitude of adults, parents to teachers. If respect is not on the side of mum or dad, it will not be for children either.

The problem is also that, unfortunately, random people also become teachers. They are not always able to meet the challenges they face. Children feel that others are favored, they themselves are overlooked. There are conflicts, misunderstandings, and often dislike of school. That is why so much depends on the teachers ... The ideal would be if the system would allow people who really are suitable for this profession.


Home teaching is an alternative to schooling.

Home education is the transfer of knowledge to a child at home by a parent or legal guardian. From 1991, in accordance with the Act of 7 September 1991, if the headmaster of the school the child is to attend agrees to study at home, the parent may opt for home schooling.

Education at home is becoming more and more popular. It is estimated that around 1,500 children can be educated in this way in Poland.

The basic advantages of home education are the possibility of an individual approach to the child and teaching the toddler according to his predispositions. Children at home, according to home teaching supporters, usually learn easier and achieve results faster. Unfortunately, to teach a toddler at home, the parent or parents must give up something: most often one of them does not work professionally. Parents who decided to teach at home for younger children emphasize that they devote about two hours to classical education, and three to four for older children. To this must be added the time to prepare for the lesson. It is hard to imagine performing these tasks while being "full time". The disadvantage of this style of teaching may be the lack or limited contact with peers (in the case of learning with siblings). The child has limited opportunities for social interaction in the environment in which he or she lives without parents.

National Education Day is a holiday not only for Teachers, but also for all people associated with education, helping to educate from an early age. Indirectly, in the case of home schooling, it is also the feast of parents, who increasingly play the role of teachers.

All Teachers Happy Birthday!

I invite you to the discussion: how are you: celebrate Teacher's Day: at school, kindergarten? What do you think about teaching at home? Who is guilty of disrespect for teachers?


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