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Implantation bleeding is really the first signal that you will be a mother?

Implantation bleeding is really the first signal that you will be a mother?

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One of the first signs of pregnancy is implant bleeding, indicating implantation of an embryo in the uterus. It does not occur in every woman, hence it is not considered the most important signal of a different state. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing that implantation spotting may occur and how it manifests itself and how long it lasts.

Implantation bleeding is often mistaken for menstruation

Scanty menstruation? No. Menstruation during pregnancy does not occur.

This is implantation bleeding that may occur during the period between ovulation and expected monthly bleeding. It is not uncommon on the day of expected menstruation and is read as the day of its beginning.

Implantation spotting does not occur in every woman

Implantation spotting is sign of early pregnancy. However, it does not occur in every woman, but in a situation where a nesting embryo in the uterus damages the wall of the blood vessel, resulting in a slight bleeding. It is estimated that implantation spotting affects every fourth pregnant woman.

It is worth adding that it is not dangerous for the developing fetus or for the woman expecting a child.

What is the difference between implant bleeding and menstruation?

The differences are visible at a glance.

Implantation staining indicative of pregnancy is small. causes slight soiling of the linen or slight redness of the toilet paper during a visit to the toilet. The secretion color is different - usually pink, brown or brown, as opposed to monthly blood, which is vivid red.

Implantation staining lasts several hours to one-maximum three days. The average menstruation and five days. It differs significantly in intensity from previous monthly bleeding. This is why women who receive implantation stains like menstruation say that it was "strange menstruation, scanty, short, not as always".

In addition, implant bleeding rather not accompanied by pain. There are also no shreds of blood. The bleeding is so small that it is enough to use panty liners, sanitary pads are unnecessary.

You notice implant stain - what to do?

First, keep calm, nothing bad happens. For the duration of bleeding give up sex, minimize physical activity.

If spotting occurs on the day you expect your period, you can do a pregnancy test to see if you're expecting a baby. If there are still a few days until the expected period of menstruation, wait calmly.

If the bleeding is accompanied by pain, you should consider going to the doctor. There should be no pain in the case of implantation spotting.

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