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Can itchy skin be a sign of pregnancy?

Can itchy skin be a sign of pregnancy?

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Pregnancy can give you all kinds of symptoms. Many of them are considered strange. Can itchy skin be a sign of pregnancy? We answer below.

Can itchy skin be a sign of pregnancy?

There are many changes during pregnancy from the first days. Exchange could be long, in the first weeks of pregnancy these are: mood swings, drowsiness, nausea. These are the most known and associated with the period of pregnancy. There are others that can cause a lot of consternation, such as itchy skin.

Can itchy skin be a sign of pregnancy?

Why does pregnant skin itch?

The answer to the question why pregnant skin itches depends on the stage of pregnancy.

In the first trimester, itchy skin in pregnancy may have a relationship:

  • with violently changing hormonal balance,
  • with increased susceptibility to allergies to cosmetics - even if you have not been sensitive to certain cosmetic ingredients before, an excessive and inadequate reaction may occur during pregnancy,
  • with easier drying of the skin during pregnancy, having a connection with slower sebaceous glands (women with oily skin appreciate this fact, but women with a tendency to dry the epidermis quickly and with dry skin - not necessarily),
  • with breast augmentation and preparation for breastfeeding - the bust increases already in the first trimester, which is why itchy skin in this area at the beginning of pregnancy may be the first sign of pregnancy.

What to do if the skin itches at the beginning of pregnancy?

  • if in addition to itching appears skin irritation, redness, it should be considered whether the cause of itching is not the intolerance of the cosmetic used. During pregnancy, it is worth reaching for hypoallergenic cosmetics,
  • pregnant skin requires systematic moisturizing, preferably at least twice a day, in the first trimester, you should think about using stretch marks creams.

Itching of the skin during pregnancy does not end at the beginning of pregnancy. On the contrary, as the subject develops, the topic may deepen. A growing belly and a changing body often cause numerous changes, including feeling of tightness and discomfort around the abdomen, legs or other body areas. The problem may affect even every fourth pregnant woman.

Read - when pregnant itchy skin is an important warning signal that must not be underestimated.


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