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How much for communion 2018? Is there one good answer to this question?

How much for communion 2018? Is there one good answer to this question?

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It is widely known that communion is a considerable expense. Not only for parents, but also for guests. Every year a lot of doubts are raised by the question - what to give as a gift or how much to put in an envelope for communion. It turns out that "rates that should be given to children" also change over the years. What does it look like this year? How much for communion 2018?

How much for communion 2018? Or maybe a gift?

Although in the case of First Holy Communion it is not gifts that should play the first fiddle, it is still the case in many families every year. Religious ceremony becomes very commercial and loses its original character. It turns into a field to compete and show "what I can do". According to the principle, pledge and put yourself ... Of course, not in every home, but in many.

Fortunately, it is growing in strength a social voice of reason that says that gifts should not be the most important thing. Increasingly, parents of children waiting for the first Holy Communion pay attention to sacramental dimension of this event.

Apart from them, however, there are also very pragmatic and preparing fathers a list of presents for guests containing a lot of suggestions of things that would be useful to their child. Among them you will not find a watch in vain, most often there are: consoles, smartphones, laptops, electric skateboards, quads.

How much for communion 2018? specifically,

The most appropriate answer, how much to give to communion is this - as much as you think is appropriate and as much as you can afford.

Unfortunately, she doesn't satisfy everyone. As guests nWe don't want to stand out from other invited people. We want to give enough to be worthy to have the feeling that we have given the right amount, neither too small nor too high.

There are other motivations. There is no shortage of people who just want to show off, giving a lot more than others. For what? To stand out, surprise or shock others, how much we can afford ... And really value.

So how often do we put in the envelope, going to communion? It turns out that the sums are very different, starting from 100 to even 3000 zlotys. The average is about 500-1000 zlotys, depending on whether we are an "ordinary" guest or a godfather or maybe a godfather. It is customary to give more in the latter case.

How do you give your child money?

It is best to give a gift for communion in the form of gifts with a greeting envelope. You can also give your child a book and put an envelope in it.

What will the money we give us be used for? It turns out that they do not always go directly to children, sometimes they are used to cover the cost of the party, or are intended for holidays for the whole family.


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