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What does every mother of three know?

What does every mother of three know?

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There has been a joke around the net for years that parents' lives change a lot with the first, second and third child in the world. This is how it looks in a slightly crooked mirror:

Your clothes:
First child: You start wearing pregnancy clothes as soon as your gynecologist confirms your pregnancy.
Second child: You wear normal clothes as long as possible.
Third child: Your maternity clothes become your normal outfit.

* * *

Preparation for childbirth:
First child: You train your breaths with anointing.
Second child: Give breaths, no results last time.
Third child: You are asking for anesthesia as early as the eighth month of pregnancy.

* * *

Baby clothes:
First child: Wash new clothes in a specialized powder and in 90 degrees, match them with colors, iron and fold evenly into cubes.
Second child: You throw away the worst and wash the rest with your clothes in plain powder.
Third child: And why can't boys wear pink?

* * *

First child: You pull the child out of the crib as soon as it sings.
Second child: You only pull out a child when there is a danger that his scream will wake the older child.
Third child: You teach the oldest child how to wind up playing toys in the crib and silence the youngest child.

* * *

When the teat falls:
First child: You cook when you return home.
Second child: You pour the juice from the bottle and put it in your mouth.
Third child: You wipe in your pants and put the baby in your mouth.

* * *

First Baby: You change the diaper every hour, regardless of whether it is dirty or clean.
Second child: You change the diaper every 2-3 hours as needed.
Third child: You try to change the diaper before the environment complains of the stench, or when the diaper hangs below the child's knees.

* * *


First child: You take a child to the swimming pool, playground, walk, to the zoo, to the theater, etc.
Second child: You take the child for a walk.
Third child: You take the child to the supermarket, bank and laundry.

* * *

Your exits:

First child: You call the babysitter three times before you get in the car.
Second child: In the door you give your guardian your mobile number.
Third child: You tell the caregiver that she should call only if blood appears.

* * *

At home:

First child: You stare at your child for hours.
Second child: You look at your child to make sure that the older child does not suffocate him or put his finger in his eye.
Third child: You hide from your own children.

* * *

Swallowing a coin:

First child: You call an ambulance and demand an x-ray.
Second child: You are waiting for the coin to land in the potty.
Third child: You deduct him from pocket money.

Of course it is satirical image and quite exaggerated - I absolutely do not suggest that subsequent children are less well cared for than the first, or that they have worse care. There is no doubt, however with the second, third and subsequent children, everything seems much easier, more natural than with the first, and parents become more laid back and more confident in what they do and what they want to achieve.

Among my friends are a few mothers of three children. After talking to them and watching how they are doing, I came up with a few conclusions about what each mother of the three knows and how she is doing.

1. With three children, extra hands grow up.

You can do homework with the oldest at the same time, arrange blocks with the second child and feed the youngest. And all this while cleaning up the fridge, arranging the garden and at the same time preparing a party for 20 people. Observers say that it is a matter of organization of work, because with three children the schedule of the day and the efficiency of performing subsequent points are already at a very high level - such Giewont parenthood.

2. The hospital adds a pilot to the third child for free.

Oddly enough, the youngest child does not whine during the day, learns very quickly and sleeps the night nicely. There is a theory that it is due to relationships with older siblings, and at the same time due to fatigue of constant play and observation. I don't know there when my daughter was an only child, she couldn't complain about the lack of fun, and yet she didn't sleep a whole night for the first two years. This is definitely a hidden bonus that only those who decide to have a third child will know.

3. Mothers of three children drink hot coffee.

Topic cold coffee returns among mothers like a boomerang. If one claims to always drink hot, there are two ways out - he colors the reality or he has three children. Thermo cups for children in the hospital do not add, I checked. It is possible, therefore, that the first and second children help so actively with the third that the mother can afford luxuries in the form of hot drinks and a press.

4. "Love is the only value that multiplies when it is shared"

My colleague answers the constant questions of children "and who of us you love the most" corresponds to all three "I love you most of all my younger sons, you most of all my older sons, and you most of all my daughters I have." In this way, each of the children is equally satisfied. Three children are three times more love. "Love Is In The Air," simply.

Dear parents, maybe some of you have three kids or a larger group of them and want to tell you how it looks with you? For my part, I'm waving to you, you are doing a great job.


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