Pregnancy / Childbirth

Sex after delivery without secrets

It can be assumed that sex after childbirth by nature will never be the same again. It's enough to combine two facts, focusing in one place: a large-sized child's head with a narrow channel, which must increase its size several times. And theoretically the trouble is ready. However are you sure?

Fortunately, nature favors us ... and has prepared a reward for the patient.

Made to bear children

The vagina works nothing accordion. It is created in such a way as to easily stretch and increase its size. It is true that a young woman may have a problem when she first decides to use tampons, she may also feel discomfort during the first sexual intercourse, but this does not mean that the delivery is over her strength. When the expectant mother has the right conditions, nature thought so to facilitate her task.

During delivery, a woman is not only favored the force of gravity (if it is given a chance), flexible, susceptible muscles, but also that the child gets out of the vagina wet from the amniotic fluid. It is also important to stretch the delivery during ...

In addition to the lower sections more blood flows during delivery, which facilitates the birth of a child and also has other positive effects: according to some scientists, is to help women after organs to achieve orgasms. In this way, doctors explain a greater chance for women giving birth by forces of nature to experience multiple orgasms.

Doctors also point out that after giving birth by nature, hormones are released in the woman's body that make her stronger, sure of her skills and sexuality. If a young mother is breastfeeding, she usually has more strength and patience, all thanks to the natural changes that occur in her body.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that after giving birth you might as well experience the lack of desire for sex and not only fatigue, but also hormones that reduce sexual needs will be to blame. This is a very individual matter.

Pain after cesarean section

There is a belief that cesarean section allows to "protect these places" and thus makes a woman return to sexual intercourse faster and more willingly. Meanwhile, scientists point out that this is a myth. One of the most well-established. Practice shows that women after caesarean section can feel pain during intercourse for up to six to twelve months after delivery.

Evidence? The results of the study indicate that both elements and polygraphs less often have a problem with pain during intercourse after a natural delivery than women who underwent cesarean section. The percentage is as follows: 25.2% in women giving birth naturally to 40.7% in women who have undergone caesarean section.

Scientists are of the opinion that Caesarean section is not a guarantee of protection of the current quality of sexual life, nor is it a method for preventing urinary incontinence.

Doctors indicate that the most important thing is that women can give birth in comfortable conditions, in the company of a loved one, so that they can feel safe, with the least possible pharmacological support. Then the birth usually proceeds without complications and the risk of large damages that affect sexual satisfaction is reduced.

"Loose vagina" after delivery

Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) is a fairly common phenomenon that is described as losing the previous structure of the vagina and lowering its walls. It usually appears after delivery by nature or as a result of aging. Usually the problem is temporary: it is enough to do uterine muscle exercises and ... patience. In rare cases, more decisive action is needed.