A child hurts an ear? Put the garlic in your ear. Yes they recommend. Is this a good method?

Is your child complaining about earache? Put garlic in his ear - advocates of natural treatment advise! Sounds ridiculous, not serious or maybe dangerous? Who ever came up with the idea to put garlic in your ear? Or is it an effective method worth trying?

Ear garlic instead of an antibiotic?

It is widely known that garlic is one of the strongest natural antibiotics. Shows properties antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and quickly and effectively relieves pain.

Some believe that garlic in the ear reduces swelling, fever, soothes quickly. Many parents point out that quickly applying garlic to the ear helps prevent many complications.There is a perception that antibiotics can be avoided in this way.

How to apply this method?

The method of treating ear pain with garlic is very simple.

Just peel and wash a small clove of garlic, wrap it in a piece of gauze and put it in your ear, but being careful not to make it too deep. You need to put a large piece in your ear so that it does not fall into the middle of the ear, which can be dangerous and end up visiting a doctor. Proponents of this method claim that the risk when used correctly is small.

Garlic should be in the ear for several hours, optimally at night. It will fall out of your ear anyway during sleep.

Unfortunately, poorly applied can be dangerous, can penetrate too deep (if it is too small), be difficult to remove and even damage your hearing.

When should you use garlic in your ear?

  • when the ear just starts to hurt,
  • for recurrent ear infections and headaches,
  • in the case of large enough children who do not push garlic deeper into the ear and endure with something in the ear,
  • this method is so controversial and it can be difficult to apply in a child that it is worth thinking about whether it is worth trying it out,
  • supporters of this method argue that it is very effective,
  • opponents argue that for no treasures you must not put anything in your child's ears.

Before trying this home remedy for earache, you should consult a doctor. You can also try much safer methods, which are discussed below.

Maybe instead of garlic in the ear ...

For very young children, try another method that will take advantage of the garlic. Just crush a few cloves of garlic and put it next to the child's bed overnight. The toddler will inhale the scent of a home antibiotic, which can effectively strengthen and shorten the time of illness.

It is also possible crush the garlic and smear the inside of the ear with garlic juice. This is a much safer method than putting a piece of garlic in your child's ear.