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BabyOno mouse with a music box

BabyOno mouse with a music box

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Which child does not like to hug the teddy bear or jerk the mascot by the ear? The softness, warmth and delicacy of the material gives a sense of security and determines the first friendships of the baby. These can have their beginning already in the first days of birth ...

If the baby is not yet able to point the nose or hug the teddy bear, he can listen to the calm melody of the music box and focus his attention on the eye-catching elements. Stuffed animals are toys that grow with your child and will last longer, not just until their first birthday.
I can honestly recommend to you BabyOno, the Mouse Music Box, which at first glance may not arouse significant emotions in the parent, but the kids like it, which can be proved by the great popularity of this toy.

The mascot is decorated in delicate colors, has clear ears, encouraging the child to grab them, a large nose, which many bites passionately ... The delicate decorations make the mouse look like a stylish toy. In addition, the material from which it was made, despite the bright colors, does not collect dust. A dirty toy is easy to clean. The string at the bottom finished with a plastic handle allows you to quickly activate the music box. In addition, the bow on the head serves as an element that allows you to attach the toy to the crib rungs or to the stroller.

The Babyono mouse can be taken everywhere, in this way having a calming melody with you, which in our non-teat daughter works wonders. To this day, it evokes a smile and lively reaction.

The music box mouse is generally available - starting from many supermarkets, through typical children's stores and online stores. The price does not cause any loss of balance - it is between PLN 30-40. The toy is intended for children from birth.


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