How to help a child make a family tree of his own family?

How to help a child make a family tree of his own family?

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Your child brought home a new homework job: he is to make his family's family tree. It is worth participating in the joint performance of this task. It is a great opportunity for us to learn about our family history and to have the opportunity to talk about it with the child.

Why is it worth creating your own family tree?

We usually reach back to the past ourselves. Every day, we are not interested in the history and past of our family, what counts for us is the present and the future. Our family is us, our children and grandparents. Alternatively, great-grandparents whom we remember from childhood or stories from my mother and father. However, it is worth knowing the history of your family and your ancestors. Why?

Getting to know our past and the origin of the family is an important element of our sense of identity. Thanks to this, we know where we come from, what our roots are and what values ​​have been important in our family for generations. Family tree also allows understanding why now we live in this and not another place. It is the life and decisions of our ancestors that determine what values ​​we profess and how our lives go on today.

Therefore, it's worth spending some time helping your child do this homework to get to know themselves and their ancestors better. Get Ready!

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Family tree - what is it and must it be a tree?

A family tree is a graphic representation of our family members and their family connections. It owes its name to its form: usually there is a person downstairs who makes a tree and creates his trunk with his parents. Further branches, i.e. grandparents, great-grandparents and great-grandparents form the crown of the family tree.

How far we reach into the past depends on our current knowledge and determination in acquiring it. It is usually difficult to reach more than two or three generations back without remembering to ask for information from older members of our family, or even to browse through parish books and other lists that contain basic information about our ancestors.

What data should be on the family tree and where to get this information?

We place on the chart basic data about our ancestors. These are the name, date of birth and date of death if the person is no longer among us. This amount of information is enough to create a transparent and aesthetically visual family tree for the needs of school homework. Do not put too much data on the tree, because it will be chaotic and illegible.

Of course, while creating a tree, it's worth making your work more pleasant, telling the child interesting stories about his ancestors. A lot of help in this task can be offered to us by our parents and grandparents, who are usually a treasury of this type of stories and will be happy to tell them to their grandson. Thanks to this, the names of the ancestors on the family tree will no longer be just names, but will "come alive" in the imagination of a child who will be aware that they were people with their own history.

Such curiosities will certainly also be appreciated by the teacher, which will result in a higher grade for the task that our child will receive. To make it easier for the child to associate selected people, it is worth placing symbols that are associated with the story next to them, e.g. if our great-grandfather worked in a mine, we can draw a pickaxe next to him, and if the great-grandmother came from another country, let's draw a symbol next to her he associates with our child.

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How far into the past? If our child prepares homework, it is sufficient to put the information three generations back. So we give the child's and possibly his siblings' details, our data, grandparents from my mother and father and great grandparents from both sides.

How to make a visually aesthetic family tree?

When we have collected all the information about our ancestors, it's time to start preparing the tree. For this we will need a large piece of stiff Bristol in the color chosen by the child. For making a family tree it works best sheet in A3 or A2 format. Depending on how many people you want to put on the tree, choose smaller or larger.

If we have a scanner and family photos, let's choose photos of our family members, let's print them and stick them in the right places. However, if we do not have access to old photos, we leave the field blank, or the child can draw his great-grandmother or great-grandfather as he imagines them.
Under the photograph or drawing, the child writes the name of the person and the dates of his birth and death. If we do not know any of these data, put a question mark in its place. All family members we connect with colorful lines, which will illustrate the relationship. We can finish the whole thing drawing a large tree or decorate in any way.

Remember, however, that this child should take the largest part in the preparation of the tree, after all it is his homework. We can, at most, help and advise, but leave the final choice of colors and form of work to the child. Searching and immortalizing your own history on paper and learning about your ancestors is great fun, which will surely appeal to both the child and us.


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