Angina with kisses - that is what the average pediatrician will not tell you

Angina with kisses - that is what the average pediatrician will not tell you

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Many diseases are similar to each other. Unfortunately, their treatment is radically different.

The physician must be intuitive and have extensive experience to recognize basic ailments. In practice, however infectious mononucleosis is often confused with angina. The first disease is caused by viruses for which the antibiotic does not work, the second by bacteria (its treatment requires the administration of an antibiotic).

Prescription of an antibiotic for angina will not be effective if your child has infectious mononucleosis. On the contrary, about 7-10 days after administration of the antibiotic, a sick, macular papular rash appears on the body of the sick person, which in a sense facilitates diagnosis.

Angina from kisses, mononucleosis - symptoms

The so-called kissing disease, or mononucleosis, is easiest to get infected during a kiss. Viral disease is spreading behind through saliva - not only during kisses, but also when we use the same glasses, brushes, bottles, toys (previously taken into the mouth). In the acute period of the disease you can become infected by droplet. Mononucleosis also spreads from mother to fetus. The virus is responsible for its occurrence Espstein - Barr (EBV).


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