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Nerve tics in a child - where do they come from and how to treat them?

Nerve tics in a child - where do they come from and how to treat them?

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Nervous tics in a child are very disturbing. They arouse in parents anxiety, surprise and shame. A toddler who rolls or blinks his eyes, makes strange faces, tilts his head to one side, shakes her or sticks out his tongue every time requires medical consultation. Tics can have a vocal character, such as coughing, grunting, snorting or hissing. Unfortunately, the problem may get worse over time. That is why it is so important to find the reason for such behavior.

What are nerve tics?

Nerve tics are nothing but repetitive involuntary body movements, uncontrolled muscle contractions. They can appear at any age, but children and teenagers develop most often. Nerve tics usually disappear during sleep and when the child is heavily focused on something. They deepen in their free time.

What can this look like?

  • rolling your eyes
  • eyelid squeezing
  • startle,
  • clenching fists
  • twisting the neck
  • shaking head
  • leg movements
  • hand movements
  • sniffing
  • sighing,
  • grunting,
  • cough,
  • munching
  • e.t.c.

It is necessary to distinguish situations when the child makes the above gestures and movements consciously as a result of momentary nervousness, and when these behaviors are involuntary, they often recur and you can see that the child does not control them.

Nerve tics in a child - how to find out the causes of problems?

An attempt to fight nerve tics should focus on searching for their causes. Treatment of symptoms without tracking the source usually gives short-term effects, with time the problem returns and increases. That is why it is so important to find out the reason for which nerve tics arise.

Diagnostics should start with neurological tests to rule out epilepsy. Sometimes it becomes necessary to visit genetic counseling centerto check if the problem is not Tourette syndrome, congenital neurological disorder characterized by the occurrence of numerous nerve tics.

If neurological and genetic causes are excluded, one should look for the causes of nerve tics in the manner and conditions of life of the child. Often, nerve tics in a child are the result of strong experiences. Working on emotions, expressing them and dealing with them can bring the desired effect. Nerve tics may appear after a more difficult infection and prolonged illness. They are the result of medications, especially antibiotics, poorly selected dietary supplements, as well as the expansion of parasites. Some studies suggest that tics may be a signal of food allergies and intolerances.Good results in many cases diet change.

Nervous tics in a child? A good therapist is needed immediately. What does the treatment look like?

When a child's nerve tics are a problem, it's worth it consider helping a good therapistwho, because he is a person outside the family, can look at the problem from outside, assessing what the situation really looks like. He is usually able to reach the sources of anxiety and stress of the child, recommending appropriate actions.

Sometimes it is necessary drug treatment using neuroleptics. In some situations use is recommended herbal sedative tablets, supplementation with magnesium, omega 3, folic acid and B vitamins. From the diet is recommended exclude sweets, highly processed foods, dairy products and carbonated drinks. The child should be able to function in a constant rhythm, application is key clear rules and frameworks to assess which behaviors are acceptable and which are not.

You should also take care of time for two, moments for conversations about emotions, that will help your child understand what is happening to him. Importantly, parents should not pay attention to nerve tics, they should not embarrass their child because of them!


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