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The best ways to experience pain after the emperor. And what helped you?

The best ways to experience pain after the emperor. And what helped you?

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Many women choose the emperor on request for fear of pain related to childbirth and because of possible complications. Unfortunately, caesarean section is not without its flaws. One of them is: pain after the emperor. Those women who have a comparison often emphasize that the suffering after Caesarean surgery is much greater than after delivery by nature. How to deal with it?

Pain after the emperor is inevitable

Caesarean section major surgery, for which it is necessary to cut all the abdominal, muscular and uterine layers. Of course, after getting the baby out, the doctor sutures the uterus, muscles and skin, but recovery after surgery takes time.

The first moments after surgery are the most difficult for a young mother, especially the first days when painkillers used during surgery stop working. Pain in the wound and the entire abdomen make it difficult to move, sit and stand up, as well as breastfeed. There is dull pain in the navel area, pain resulting from contraction of the uterus and discomfort caused by constipation and accumulating gases in the intestine.

When does pain after the emperor pass?

Pain after the emperor is greatest within a few days after delivery. Over time, it should decrease, although it can be severe for up to 6 weeks. If, despite the passage of time, the pain does not decrease or appears only on one side, away from the wound, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The best ways to experience pain after the emperor

Nowadays, young mothers can use many means to minimize pain after the emperor. It is often given in the first hours after surgery morphine, then Ketonal drip, and the next day paracetamol. After being discharged, women are recommended to use Paracetamol, Pyralgin or other painkillers. Some moms recommend it suppositories with anti-inflammatory effect Diclofenac, which in many cases soothe pain quickly, but also, which is worth remembering, increase the risk of blood clots.

For easier getting up, women help themselves a cord tied to the bed or a hand of loved ones. Some women use it cradle technique: they raise their knees and, grabbing for them, stand up. Especially getting up quickly reduces the discomfort.

The solution to pain after the emperor is also traffic. It is not without reason that doctors and nurses motivate young mothers to get out of bed and spread pain. This is very important for the process of tissue healing. It works too shower, water helps soothe the pain.