"You talked about the child, maybe ask me how I am?" LETTER

"You talked about the child, maybe ask me how I am?" LETTER

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I have no children, but I fully respect the needs and specific difficulties of my mother-friends who are not as mobile as they used to be. We know various emergencies occur. I listen patiently and with interest, as well as actively join in conversations about all challenges related to a new child. However, there is a certain "but" ...

Namely: where is the interest of mothers in my person? Are they the only ones who have the right to tell and expect interest in their current state? Only what is "oh child" playing and what has it done at the moment is important? Where's the question about how I'm doing? Where is any concentration on my stories?

After my biggest heart breakdown my friend asked about the whole situation, note when? - changing the diaper for her baby! Well, I'm sorry, but damn some respect for my feelings, a little tact.

As I hear these opinions, "because my friends turned away from me when I was born," he protests. NO - it is often mothers who forget that everything works both ways.

A friend will not always call, she will not always come, she will not always hear only about the family life of a new mother. NO ! A friend shares this world with you (of course, during the first month the focus can be on a new life situation), but you, dear mother, you forget that your friend also has a life. She also has ups and downs and stop minimizing her problems.

Stop behaving as if your and your child's world were the only ones existing!

Most of my friends are "normal" and come back to social life as well, because you are not the child alone. Most know that since I visited them for several months, now is the time to meet me. But unfortunately I also have friends who sit at home for 2 years after giving birth and forever expect only that I will visit them. That I would only listen, or entertain them with trivial anecdotes to improve my mood. but any attention on their part for my life? Heh you can forget.

So the conclusion is: new mothers, do not forget that you and your children are not the center of the world. Your friends also have life and expect interest. Nobody will strive for meetings and contact forever. Friendship works both ways.



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