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Ways to get pregnant - start from here

Ways to get pregnant - start from here

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For some couples, conceiving a child is very simple. It is enough to give up contraception and throw yourself into a whirlwind of pleasure. Others unfortunately even after many months of effort, they can't wait for the two lines they want.

There is such a time that solutions are sought that will make the dreams of childbirth come true - then they work ways to get pregnantthat are effective and in practice often at a premium.

Ways to get pregnant - sex every other day

Theoretically it's obvious - you need to have sex to fertilize. Unfortunately, nowadays many couples have a problem with it, mainly due to lack of time, tight schedules or, on the contrary, they desire a child so much that they lose control over what is happening - which causes stress and frustration.

That is why it is simply worth to arrange sex, setting the frequency of intercourse every other day, which will be fine - especially if you have irregular cycles and you do not know when ovulation occurs.

Remember not to overdo it - Daily sex does not necessarily increase your chance of pregnancy. It is quite the opposite.

Ways to get pregnant - invest in a test to determine the time of ovulation

Most women know more when they ovulate. Unfortunately, sometimes due to hormonal changes, the assessment of signals sent by the body can be fatal. Therefore, ovulation tests work well in such situations (read how it works).

A woman with a 28-day cycle should begin urine testing for the presence of LH hormone that indicates fertile days on day 9 or 10 of the cycle.

A good way is also observing mucus - in the ovulatory period it is transparent, liquid, and thickens after ovulation. Unfortunately, many women are unable to assess fertility by observing mucus due to its changes under the influence of antihistamines or preparations to treat infertility. That is why the doctor's cycle monitoring and urine test for the presence of "fertile" hormone are checked.

What are other known ways to get pregnant?

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