The fifth (5) month of the child's life - a small acrobat with feet in his mouth

The fifth (5) month of the child's life - a small acrobat with feet in his mouth

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A five-month-old child is a small acrobat who loves playing and exploring the surrounding world. He easily puts his feet in his mouth, looks at every toe with interest. It also helps when changing clothes - straightening the arms and lifting the bottom while putting on pants. Most of the kids at this stage are already strongly attached to their parents and to friends after a long time, when they strive for it. In the 5th month you are dealing with an interesting life and a man who knows more about it!

"Airplane" - 5 month old baby

Appearance - 5 month old baby

Do you know that most often expressed nonverbally feeling in case of a five-month baby is lucky? Researchers investigated that dissatisfaction is right behind him, with interest coming third. It is these three feelings each day that affect the appearance and behavior of your five-month baby.

The baby is very good in the fifth month controls the eye movements, which increases his expression capabilities. In addition to the smile that the child uses very consciously (quickly realizing how enormous the power is behind it), the expression of the eyes and previously used body language are also responsible for expression. The toddler can use the movements of the knobs to expand the body repertoire learned before the beginning of the fifth month.

Height and weight - fifth month a baby

Five-month-old boys weigh mostly 7.3 kilograms and measure to 65 centimeters. The average girl is only slightly smaller.

Read how to give your child gluten. If you are breastfeeding, gluten exposure should start this month.

Also remember to give your child vitamins. Check what!

Motor skills - the fifth month of an infant

Baby on her tummy - the fifth month of life

The baby's back is getting stronger, but not enough to sit alone. Therefore, as soon as you release the toddler, previously planted, the child begins to wobble and turn over sideways. The infant in the fifth month also clearly exercises his legs. When the child is held on his knees, he rests with his feet and strains, having no idea that instead, you expect him to just sit down.

In the position on the stomach, the infant rests the weight of the head and chest on the hands. He easily turns his head in every direction and observes the whole environment. When something interesting ripens, sometimes it tries to lean out for it and in this way falls on its back. It may touch or touch the object, but it will not catch it on its own.

What may surprise you when your baby is 5 months old?

    • the child has most of the day legs raised ad mattress. It's natural. This is a symptom of his leg muscle growth and the fact that they ceased to be as weak and unable to move as before. In addition, in this position, the infant can see its toes and can easily play with them.
    • your child can play with one item for longer (a few minutes on average). However, as soon as his attention attracts another, he immediately drops what he has played and reaches for another toy.
    • In the fifth month depth of field matures, the baby can see better and stare at each toy longer.


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