The first month of a child's life

The first month of a child's life

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"Defenseless, fragile and so tiny" - that's how you perceive your newborn child? You should know that despite the seeming tinyness, the baby has been much better adapted to life than we think.

Reflexes: searching, sucking, catchy, Moro, creep and automatic gait - ensure him survival in a new world quite alien to him.

Newborn appearance

Your baby after birth certainly will not resemble a beautiful baby from TV commercials, or rather as if survived several rounds in the boxing ring. In addition, in a short time will lose up to 10% of its birth weight.

However, a few days (usually 10) are enough for the newborn baby to return to its starting weight and start "running" along the route to intensive development.

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Particularly dynamic growth is observed in the third week, when suddenly the child begins to eat more than usual. Do not be surprised that a newborn baby may demand additional portions of milk. Watch your baby, trust your intuition and meet the needs of your child.

How fast does a newborn baby grow?

When a child makes up for backlog after losing weight, takes up up to 30 grams each day.

In the first six weeks, the boys grow about 2.5 centimetersand girls about 5 centimeters. In addition, the head circumference increases. On average 2.5 centimeters.

In addition to dimensions, the shape of the head also changes, which becomes more round. The distortions that occur when squeezing through the birth canal disappear.

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Hair and the newborn baby

At the end of the child's fourth week of life, you may notice that your toddler is losing hair (if he had it). After a few weeks, there will be no trace of his hair. New ones appear in place of this hair.

If the newborn had delicate hair after delivery, so-called lanugo, you can expect them to disappear within a month after birth.

Skin changes

After about three to four weeks, a rash may appear on your toddler's face. Looking at her, you may have the impression that she is spotty and pustular. These changes are due to the immaturity of the circulatory system. They will disappear by themselves. You don't have to do anything with them.

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