The first baby soup - how to prepare it?

The first baby soup - how to prepare it?

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Soup is one of the first dishes of a baby after milk. At first glance very simple to prepare, allows you to quickly modify ingredients if needed. However, the child is not an adult, so the baby soup should be prepared in a proper way so that it is healthy, but at the same time tasted by a small taster. A child who until now knew only the taste of milk is not easy to convince to new flavors, which is why parents face a huge challenge.

How to prepare a healthy and tasty dish? Here's what the first baby soup should look like.

The first baby soup - the right ingredients

The first baby soup should be carefully prepared.

The choice of ingredients in the baby soup cannot be accidental. Initially, soups are cooked based on the vegetables themselves and they play the main role.

The best will be vegetables grown at home, although not everyone can afford their own cultivation, so it's worth asking family, friends, there will probably be someone who will support us in need even for a small fee and provide good quality vegetables.

It's all about the good of the child, so you have to make sure vegetables were not stuffed with plant protection products, fertilizers and other improvers. A good option is also purchase of vegetables in a store with healthy, organic food or in a proven bazaar.

You have to take into account the higher costs when buying organic vegetables, but to prepare baby soup you need very few, so they should not ruin our wallet.

What vegetables for the first baby soup?

It's best to choose the first soups easily digestible and rarely allergenic products e.g. potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot.

Instead of potato, it is worth enriching the baby soup with brown rice, whole grain pasta and cereal (semolina, millet, pearl barley, barley).

The first baby soup does not have to be seasoned. For the preparation of baby soup we do not add: salt, wheat flour, cream, broth cubes and spice mixtures, which usually contain salt and monosodium glutamate.

What soup water for babies?

The first soup for a baby is water ... and vegetables. It is even important what water we use for cooking.

It is recommended to prepare the first soup based on water intended especially for infants (spring, low-sodium, low-mineralized) with appropriate certificates or filtration in a suitable jug.

How to thicken soups for children?

The first baby soup does not have to be concentrated or whitened. Over time, you can opt for additional ingredients.

In addition to vegetables and water, it will be useful to thicken the soup rice gruel, corn or ordinary semolina (contains gluten, should be added with caution). After a few weeks of serving vegetable soups, we enrich them with meat, which should be without chemical additives if possible.

Baby soup meat

If you do not have the opportunity to get homemade meat in your family, it is worth going on a trip to the countryside and asking where you can buy "rural" chicken, which is fed with natural ingredients. After buying it, it is worth portioning it and freezing it even if only for a baby.

If you decide to buy meat in the store, let's pay attention primarily to his freshness and whether they are ISO or HACCP certified.

To start with, it's best to choose chicken, turkey, veal or rabbit.

How to prepare a baby soup

Vegetables for soup should be thoroughly peeled and washed. If we have doubts whether they are without chemical additives, better to peel them thick.

Next we cut into small particles or grind on a coarse grater. In the pot, boil the water and put the washed vegetables in boiling water (half and half water with vegetables). The whole we cook depending on the type of vegetables until soft, cool and mix or wipe through a strainer until a smooth mass (if necessary, add a little gruel).

The first soup - one-component

It's best to cook first soups based on one ingredient and watch how the child reacts, has some disturbing symptoms (diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, rashes) or even just tastes like it. The first soup for an infant should be one-component.

When there is no problem with serving one-ingredient soup (e.g. carrot), we add successively the following ingredients (potatoes, parsley) at intervals of at least four days and observe the child.

If the child tolerates vegetables well, we enrich the soups with fats, for every 100 ml of soup a tablespoon of oil (if your child is allergic to cow's milk protein) or butter.

The next ingredient added to the soup is meat (after about two weeks after serving the vegetables), which should be cooked separately and only then added to the rest of the ingredients.


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