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Hypertension in pregnancy - serious and often underestimated

Hypertension in pregnancy - serious and often underestimated

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Each future mother, because of her different state, is exposed to many threats that can effectively ruin the peace of expectation for a new family member. One of them is pregnancy hypertension. High blood pressure in the second half of pregnancy is on the one hand a physiological condition, on the other a change that increases the risk of preeclampsia.

Hypertension in pregnancy - where does it come from?

Hypertension in pregnancy is a name referring to high blood pressure. It can be seen in women who have a problem with high blood pressure before pregnancy, be caused by a new disease, and most often - is caused by hypertension or preeclampsia caused by developing pregnancy.

Hypertension in pregnancy - statistics

Pregnancy-induced hypertension occurs in the case of 5-10% of pregnancies, preeclampsia affects about 2% of pregnancies. In most of these cases, the pressure is moderate.

How to measure blood pressure correctly?

The most reliable blood pressure measurements are observed during measurements classic blood pressure monitor (rather not a pressure gauge on the wrist). You can choose a sphygmomanometer, which sleeve is inflated manually or electronic sphygmomanometer (the latter is better because it allows you to make measurements yourself).
The sphygmomanometer tests systolic pressure (the highest pressure level read when the heart contracts and pushes blood through the blood vessels) and diastolic pressure (the lowest value when diastolic pressure is recorded).

High blood pressure before pregnancy

You may not be aware that you had high blood pressure before pregnancy. However, this can be seen at the first visit to pregnancy. If your doctor measures your blood pressure early in your pregnancy, you can make a reliable diagnosis. The threat is easiest to detect in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, paying particular attention to diastolic pressure, which in this case is equal to or higher than 90 mmHG.

It should also be remembered that hypertension observed before pregnancy can lower blood pressure, which often excludes the need for medication during pregnancy.

If you have high blood pressure and are taking medication, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor before pregnancy (there are medications for high blood pressure that can be used during pregnancy and those that can be potentially serious).

It is worth remembering that hypertension in pregnancy can also be caused by kidney disease.

Read how to treat hypertension in pregnancy.

What is high pregnancy pressure and preeclampsia?

High blood pressure, high blood pressure during pregnancy and preeclampsia are the most common blood pressure problems that occur during pregnancy. They disappear in a few weeks, up to a few months after delivery.


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