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When is bleeding during pregnancy dangerous?

When is bleeding during pregnancy dangerous?

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Bleeding in pregnancy can make a woman terrified. Expectant mother at the sight of blood often expects the worst, trembling about the fate of the developing baby, and especially that the pregnancy will end miscarriage.

Meanwhile, bleeding in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, is very common, experiencing it even 1/4 of all future mothers. Of course, this does not mean that it should put our vigilance down. However, unnecessary panic is definitely not recommended ... Read.

Bleeding at the beginning of pregnancy

Most women notice vaginal bleeding at the beginning of pregnancy. Usually it is spotting.

Only 8% of all future moms notes heavy bleeding (which unfortunately more often ends in miscarriage than slight spotting). Most episodes during which underwear was soiled occurred between the fifth and eighth week of pregnancy. Most often, spotting or minor bleeding lasted no more than three days.

Most women have one time bleeding, only a small percentage have a bleeding problem throughout their pregnancy.

Causes of bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy can have various causes.

If it comes to him at the beginning of pregnancy the cause may be embryo implantation. It usually occurs during the period of menstruation, then slight spotting appears, lasts a day or two, and is confused by some women with very scanty menstruation. Spotting may give red streaks on underwear or be observed as pale pink mucus.

Some pregnant women experience spotting during the period when menstruation should normally occur, i.e. usually in 4.8 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. It happens that he accompanies them pain, cramps, flatulence anxiety and typical symptoms felt by a woman every month on the occasion of menstruation before pregnancy. During pregnancy, the period does not occur, but sometimes the level of hormones that blocks this process is too low and gives symptoms in pregnancy "as if the body was preparing for menstruation." Emerging symptoms may accompany the future mother for about 3 months before the placenta takes over the function of hormone secretion and maintenance of pregnancy.

The third reason for bleeding in pregnancy is ... endangered pregnancy. Unfortunately, the statistics are not optimistic until every third pregnancy up to the 12th week of pregnancy ends in a miscarriage. Most often it happens even when you do not know that you are pregnant, in this way the body removes a set of cells that due to an error during division would not be able to survive. For this reason and the greatest risk of failure at the beginning of pregnancy, many couples decide to provide information about pregnancy only after 12 weeks, when the risk of miscarriage significantly decreases.

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