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Changes for parents in 2013

Changes for parents in 2013

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What is the government preparing for parents for 2013? The Labor Inspectorate speaks of complicated regulations, unclear rules, sentences that are repeated many times and references to many regulations. It's hard to resist the impression that ... we are in a mess. A number of positive changes have been announced, but at the same time several important issues have been left out. For example, the needs of mothers giving birth in the first quarter of 2013 have been ignored, and they are unlikely to be able to take longer maternity leave. Women who run a business may also be injured. Anyway, read it yourself ...

Changes in the beta

By 1 January 2013, the criterion for granting the allowance known as bonuses changed. Until now, the money awarded to all parents will belong only to those who meet the income criterion. One-off childbirth assistance will be due to persons who do not exceed the amount 1922 PLN net per month per person into a family (the new regulations are to deprive about 10% of all parents applying for a baby allowance) (The above amendments result from the Act of October 12, 2012 amending the Act on family benefits, which on November 15, 2012 was published in the Journal of Laws (item 1255).

Parental leave 2013

Big changes are being prepared during the parental leave in 2013. The one from 2013 will be able to be 37 months (i.e. over three years).

The most important changes concern the distribution of parental leave. There should be two months in the pool (one for each parent) to be used by each parent separately, without the possibility of surrendering their part to the other parent.

One parent will be able to sacrifice 36 months for raising a child. An additional month will be available to the other parent.

Parental leave of 2013 may be divided into 5 parts, however, it can be used until the child is four years old (only in the case of a disabled child can it be used until they reach the age of 18).

From 2013, parents will be able to stay on parental leave for 4 months, i.e. 1 month longer than before.

Another very important point is change in the rules for acquiring the right to vacation leave after returning to work from parental leave during the same calendar year. Until now, the leave has been reduced proportionally. The pool will not be depleted after the changes.

Another revolution? Enabling parental leave for entrepreneurs and persons working on the basis of specific work contracts and commission contracts. From 2013, entrepreneurs and people working on the basis of mandate contracts, agency contracts or other contracts for the provision of services will have rights similar to those of employees on parental leave.

While looking after the child, the Social Security Institution (ZUS) contributions will be paid for by entrepreneurs by the state budget. Until now, the entrepreneur had only the option suspend operations while the child was being cared for, and his contributions were not paid (in addition, suspension of activity is possible for two years, and full-time employees had the option of taking parental leave for three years).

The amount of planned contributions in 2013 for parental leave for entrepreneurs and people on work contracts is also important.

  • Insured persons minimum six months - assessment basis: PLN 2,115.60, pension contribution: PLN 412.97, disability pension contribution: PLN 169.25.
  • Persons with an insurance period shorter than half a year - assessment basis: PLN 1200, pension contribution: PLN 234.24 pension contribution: none For persons insured for less than half a year, the state budget will only pay contributions for retirement insurance. This means that such a person will not benefit from NFZ (health care) insurance and in the event of job loss.

PIT changes

From January 1, amendments to the PIT Act will come into force regarding discount for children (settled together with the settlement for 2013, i.e. in 2014).


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