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Natural methods for stretch marks in pregnancy

Natural methods for stretch marks in pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the main causes of stretch marks. Growing belly for this excessive dry skin make changes happen quickly and unnoticed initially. For sure there is no perfect method to get rid of them once and for allHowever, the most important element is preventing stretch marks. Already at the beginning of pregnancy, when the belly is not yet visible, you need to properly prepare the skin for later stretching, which can be very helpful. Later, you must not stop your efforts, even if small changes on the skin already arise. Learn home remedies for stretch marks during pregnancy.

Home remedies for stretch marks during pregnancy: shower massage

The beginning of the day is best to start with a massage in the shower with a warm and cold water jet. We massage those body parts that are most susceptible to stretch marks: belly, buttocks, thighs in a circular motion. The water jet should not be too intense, a gentle flow will be enough. Massage with ice cubes also brings excellent results, but the treatment is not very pleasant.

Home remedies for stretch marks in pregnancy: moisturizing

The most effective method of preventing but minimizing stretch marks is above all accurate and systematic moisturizing of the skin. After bathing, dry the body thoroughly and rub in well concentrated preparation, which moisturizes the skin and gives it elasticity.

one can use the finished preparation (lotion, cream, baby olive) or make the preparation yourself at home. If we already decide on a preparation from the store, we choose the one intended for pregnant women, so as not to harm the baby. It is better to avoid lotions with caffeine, AHA acids, silicone, salicylic acid or camphor.

The cosmetics should be gentle, do not irritate the skin and contain as little artificial preservatives or dyes as possible. The easiest way is to use it olive oil (unrefined, cold pressed), which perfectly greases and tones the skin. It should be massaged thoroughly into the skin of the abdomen, buttocks and breasts. After applying the oil, it is a good idea to wait with the clothes until absorbed. This way you will avoid greasy stains on clothes!

Check the results of our cosmetics tests for stretch marks.

On the next page, a recipe for stretch marks oils. This homemade cosmetic will cost you a few zlotys!


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