The oldest father in the world

The oldest father in the world

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He is 96 years old. And he enjoys life. For the second time he became the oldest father in the world. Two years ago his first-born son was born, and recently a second child.

Ramjit Raghav comes from India. He just broke his record two years ago when he first became the oldest father in the world. He points out that just born son is "God's will". Apparently, when the doctors receiving the delivery found out who the father of the newborn baby could not stop laughing.

Ramjit approaches the emotions that arouses, calmly. As reported, the media is modest. The oldest father in the world is a farmer, and for his children he dreams of a job in government institutions that can guarantee stable employment and a good income.

Journalists freely ask about the 96-year-old's way of sex and whether he uses potency measures. This invariably replies that he is trying to live a healthy life, especially composing a diet based on milk, butter and almonds.

Just born son is the fruit of love for the second wife of Shankuntala (54 years old), whom she met 22 years ago, 25 years after the death of her first wife.