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Quercetti Fantacolor Junior Basic mosaic

Quercetti Fantacolor Junior Basic mosaic

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Finding an interesting and developing toy for a 2-year-old toddler is a challenge. The stores are full of playing toys, which then terrorize at home parents, cars or dolls are also not lacking, but children usually play with them for a while, and then lie in the corner. Quercetti mosaic is different - why?

Because above all he can take a child for a long time, which is a very big plus when parents have to take care of household chores and can silence a running child.

The Quercetti company has been producing for years educational toys , I liked the Junor Basic Mosaic model the most. The fun is to put the stake in the right place. You can create your ideas or use the 16 cards provided (just insert the selected one under the cover of the board) and arrange butterfly or ship.

Very similar to a traditional mosaic with tiny nails, only the elements are significantly bigger so they can be used safely by 2-year-old children. Toy intended for both boys and girls, she seemed safe to me, because the pins are quite big and the child should not be tempted to put them in his mouth. Actually, I found only pros in it:

  • develops a child's manual skills
  • teaches how to distinguish colors
  • allows a child to develop his thinking and creativity skills
  • makes the child play in silence and focus
  • the pegs are large so they do not pose a danger
  • the possibility of arranging both your own and template designs encourages the child to play even more
  • 48 pins means that even if you lose a few, you can still create great designs

The only minus I found is enough shaky array - or rather its racks. But you can lay it flat, which is nothing to say nothing of fun. In general, the toy is quite massive, and the price (around 50 zlotys) seems not too high for many hours of developing fun.


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