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Phases of delivery - what in turn during labor

Phases of delivery - what in turn during labor

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When you are pregnant, you are looking forward to the day of delivery. At the end of the third trimester, you can't wait for this moment to finally happen. You are counting down the days until delivery. You read a lot about its course. Analyzing what will happen, you will probably find information about periods in childbirth. What are the three (and according to some sources, four) phases of labor and what changes occur in the body and the mind of the woman giving birth to the child?

Phases of delivery: the first stage of delivery

The first phase of labor is the longest and most painful for many women. It requires a lot of patience for the newborn babies, it can take up to several hours (10-16 hours). In multifamily, this phase is shorter (lasts from 6 hours to 9). Sometimes the first phase of delivery takes a few days, the woman initially "goes through" and has no idea of ​​changes in her body.

At the beginning, the first phase of labor can be imperceptible or cause slight discomfort. This is the time when the neck opens up to 3 cm. The future mother often finds out about the fact of opening 2-3 centimeters at a gynecologist's check-up visit.

At this stage, labor pains may begin to resemble more severe menstrual pains.

Over time, especially around 7 cm (7 cm crisis) are rated as very painful. The intervals between contractions are getting shorter, and the contractions themselves are longer and more painful. Sometimes so much that a woman feels exhausted, the only thing she dreams about is the end of labor. He often starts irrationally, becomes aggressive, militant toward the world, or tearful and withdrawn. Read more.

The first stage of labor ends when it is obtained fully open (on 10 cm). In this phase, the amniotic fluid may leave. Read how it looks.

Before the cramps become painful, take a bath, relax. Don't worry, you won't miss strong labor pains. You'll know it's time to pack in the hospital. This is best done when you are feel cramps every 5 minutes.

Phases of delivery: the second stage of delivery

The second phase is the moment when it begins child recovery stage. You feel party cramps.

It is a time of close cooperation with the midwife when, using the force of contraction, you slowly give birth. This period lasts about 0.5 to 2 hours.

You can give birth in many hospitals in Poland in a comfortable position, not necessarily lying down, which is least favorable to the woman giving birth and the child. In many facilities, it is also possible to give birth in water.

Phases of delivery: the third stage of delivery

The third stage is placental phase. The child is already in the world, it remains to give birth to the placenta.

For many women, this is already a "formality", although there are also many women giving birth, which this phase brings a lot of stress, resulting from the need for further actions, which you no longer feel like when a baby is clinging to her breast. In addition, at this stage, when the perineum was incised, it is sutured, which unfortunately can be painful.

Phases of labor - the fourth stage of labor

The fourth stage of delivery lasts an hour after the baby is born. This is the time when the mother and her child are closely watched by the midwife. This is the time when you can hug a newborn baby, often at this stage the first breastfeeding occurs.

The time of continuous contact between mother and child should last at least 2 hours. This is the time when the newborn should be with his mother (also during placenta delivery, stitching of the perineum or assessment of the child's condition on the Apgar scale). Skin-to-skin contact should not be interrupted during this time. Read more about it.


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