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Is it worth buying a purple carrot for your child?

Is it worth buying a purple carrot for your child?

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Purple carrots appeared in stores. And I must admit that they look quite exotic. Meanwhile ... hardly anyone knows that purple carrot is the ancestor of the well-known orange carrot. White carrots are also available.

The first was a purple carrot

The first carrot known to humanity was purple. It was bitter in taste. Over time, sweeter varieties began to be grown, and in the sixteenth century, by crossing different varieties, orange carrots were created.

Today's orange carrots are grown on every continent, except Antarctica. And the purple variety of regular carrots returns to our tables in the basic version, so far it has been used massively in the form of an extract to color many dishes and drinks.

The return of raw purple carrots is due to the need to look for less modified and more natural varieties. In addition, purple vegetable makes it possible to make well-known dishes more attractive.

It tastes the same but dirty

Purple carrot (also known as black carrot) is a vegetable that has the chance to change your daily meal a bit. It tastes almost identical to a classic carrot (some say it is less sweet), but unfortunately it gets your hands dirty. When put into the pot, it stains the soup purple and loses its color.

Is it worth eating it?

  • yes, because it contains 40% more beta carotene than orange carrots,
  • contains more antioxidants than orange carrots,
  • contains more B, E, H, K, PP vitamins than the orange variety,
  • positively affects eyesight,
  • anti-inflammatory
  • in the kitchen it can be used the same way as orange carrots,
  • suitable for juice, salad, soup and as a snack, you can bake it in the oven.

White and yellow carrots are also more and more common in stores.


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