Promotions for baby diapers and other products

Promotions for baby diapers and other products

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What will we buy cheaper for a child this week? What can you save on? We have collected a list of the most important promotions for you.


  • "Pampers Baby Fresh" wipes in Auchan 4 + 2 for 23.99 instead of 28.99, while moistened Pamper wipes in Real 4 + 2 pack for 25.89. Whereas in Drogeria Natura wet wipes Pampers 2 packs of 64 pieces each for 10.99. In contrast, Pampers wet wipes 6 packages in Carrefour for PLN 19.99.
  • "Huggies Super Dry" diapers in Auchan different sizes for 36.99 instead of 47.99
  • Baby diapers Pampers Mega Pack in Real for 79.85 (piece PLN 0.53). In Carrefour Pampers Diapers active baby at a price of 39.99. In turn, the Pampers Mega Pack in Rossmann at 54.99 instead of 64.99.
  • New Baby Pampers diapers at the Drogeria Natura at 37.99 instead of 44.99.
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers in Kaufland for 36.99 for different sizes.
  • Cleaning buds Cleaning Dzidziuś in Drogeria Natura (60 pieces) for 2.49 instead of 3.49.


  • HiPP dessert, 190 g in Auchan for 4.79+ second product for 1 PLN.
  • Nestle Milk Porridge in Auchan various types in Real 230g package for 7.99+ second product for 4 PLN. Whereas in Carrefour Nestle porridges for children 250 grams for 9.99.
  • Bebilon milk 1200 grams for 53.99 instead of 57.99 in Rossmann.
  • Dessert for children Bobovita 4 for 3 at Carrefour for 3.22 per piece
  • Gerber baby juice in Carrefour at the price of 3.39 per one.
  • Children's dishes Gerber Polish Cuisine in Real for 5.49+ second for 2.75. In contrast, Gerber DoReMi dishes in Carrefour the first product 5.79 and the second 50% cheaper for 2 zlotys.

Toys and clothing

  • Crazy PLAY-DOH patisserie in Auchan for 56.89 instead of 79.90
  • Children's books of different titles in Auchan for 6.99 instead of 9.98
  • Fisher Price basketball at Tesco at 88.49 instead of 176.99.
  • Children's knee socks in Lidl two pairs for 8.99.

Promotion time

Real Promotion from 18-24.10.2012
Auchan promotion 17-23.10.2012
Drogeria Natura 18.10-31.10
Tesco October 17-24, 2012
Carrefour from 17-23.10.2012
Super-pharm 18.10-31.10.2012
Kaufland October 18-24, 2012
Rossmann 12/10/2012 at 25/10/2012


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