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Boys are from Mars and girls from Venus - development differences between children

Boys are from Mars and girls from Venus - development differences between children

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Immediately after birth, all children look similar, sometimes it is difficult to determine gender at first glance. However, based on the observation of the genitals, we can easily determine if it is a boy or maybe a girl. Later, the matter is simpler: girls are increasingly different from boys facial features, color and style of clothes, hair style, etc. However, these are only external features that differentiate children among themselves, and what about their development, behavior, skills? Do girls develop differently than boys?

Infants: developmental differences

From the very birth, not only differences between the genitals are observed in children. Girls are born smaller and lighter, but are often healthier. The difference in the nervous system of boys and girls can be seen with the naked eye. In boys, the adrenaline hormone predominates, which is why they are usually excited at the moment of stress, while in girls predominate estrogens, which can block mobilization to action, putting in a reflective mood.

Boys, on the other hand they are more sickly, but they can boast of stronger muscle building after birth. The CSO statistical data conducted in recent years in Poland show that more boys are born, however, female newborns have a better chance of a long life (GUS index boys: 72.7; girls 81.0).

The differences can also be observed in the genes: boys have only one X chromosome, while girls have two, which makes the former more exposed to genetic diseases, e.g. hemophilia, color blindness. This is due to the fact that one gene is usually mutated, which is why boys are twice as likely to get sick as girls.

Studies carried out at the University Hospital of Lausanne also confirm boys are more likely to get autism. Boys three times more often than girls they have ADHD, it is thought to be related to greater genetic susceptibility to concentration disorders.

Girls because of their double chromosome are exposed to Turner syndrome (the second chromosome is missing, or has been damaged), more often suffer from urinary tract infectionswhich is associated with the shorter urethra. Girls are more susceptible (80%) for hip dysplasia, and this is due to the hormone of flexibility (relaxin), which during labor acts on the mother's pelvic joints and thus makes the girl's joints more elastic at the same time.

The great advantage of girls is that they start speaking faster and are easier at mastering vocabulary. Research carried out at Cambridge found that high testosterone levels cause slower language development, that's why boys (more testosterone produce) have less predisposition to speak quickly and enrich vocabulary.

Girls make eye contact easier, which is why they read other people's emotions more accurately. The boys, on the other hand, are more mobile, brave, curious about the world, they like to disassemble toys into small parts and explore the surrounding world. Boys' mobility often makes them start walking faster, kick the ball and then ride the bike. It has also been proven that on average boys are braver, girls are calmer, do not like noise, darkness and are less resistant to pain and all this thanks to testosterone hormones in boys and estrogen in girls.


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