The infant remembers more than you think!

The infant remembers more than you think!

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Scientists in "Psychological Science" made a revolutionary discovery. They proved that six-month-old babies remember things that were taken from their field of knowledge. Even though they can't see them, they know they exist! Until now, development psychology textbooks have held that infants at this age are unaware of the parent's existence as he leaves the room! From here they often protest loudly, fearing that they will not see him!

How could scientists come to such conclusions? Of course, experimentally. By showing and then hiding behind a veil various objects - a triangle or a disk. Then they measured the length of focus on objects. It turned out that the babies reacted "normally" when there was an object or other item previously shown behind the curtain. The surprise came only when there was no object after the veil was unveiled.

This showed that a baby of this age is not able to remember exactly what object is hidden behind the veil, but remembers its existence.


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