Colostrum - mother's first milk. Why is it so important?

Colostrum - mother's first milk. Why is it so important?

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Breastfeeding is the best choice for mother and baby. However, there are situations when a young mother does not want or cannot feed naturally. Then it is often recommended to give the child a breast at least in the first days of life. It is then that colostrum is produced, i.e. the first milk - extremely rich in ingredients that support newborn immunity.

Colostrum - protects your child

Nature has designed it to protect a newborn baby in many ways. One way is to give your baby a bomb ingredients that support immunity with mom's first milk. The administration of colostrum to the child supports colonization of the child's digestive system with good bacteria. It is of great importance in terms of build immunity.

Colostrum is a thick yellowish liquid that is produced during pregnancy. That's why you already have enough colostrum on the day of delivery to feed your baby. The newborn gets colostrum during the first breastfeeding and the next ones during the first days of life. There is not much of it. However, a small amount of colostrum is not a cause for concern. Not enough fluid is created because the child is born with a small stomach and low nutritional needs.

It is estimated that a child takes only 2-10 ml of colostrum with one feeding, i.e. the equivalent of 1-2 teaspoons from tea. During the whole day a newborn eats only 50-100 ml of colostrum. Therefore, if you feel that your breasts are empty and the newborn baby eats little, do not worry - the main thing is that he sucks. As much as he needs, he will certainly receive with colostrum.

A few days after delivery, colostrum disappears and transitional milk is created - more creamy milk with a larger volume.

What does colostrum contain?

Colostrum is first and foremost ingredients supporting newborn immunity. In the first place should be mentioned immunoglobulins, especially SIgA class and leukocytes, additionally substances supporting the growth of gastrointestinal epithelium. Compared to mature milk, colostrum contains more proteins, slightly less sugars and significantly less fats.

The first feeding is very important

Even if you decide you don't want to breastfeed, you might want to consider giving your child colostrum. The first feeding of newborns is very important. Breastfeeding, preferably one hour after delivery, allows the newborn baby to practice suckling effectively and stimulate breast milk production. More important than long breastfeeding right after delivery is frequent attachment to the breast. Feeding on demand allows your baby to get exactly the amount of food he needs.


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