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Morning sickness - the best ways to be safe during pregnancy

Morning sickness - the best ways to be safe during pregnancy

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Morning sickness is one of the least accurate terms associated with pregnancy. Sad feelings rarely accompany the future mother only in the morning. They may appear at any time of day or night, provoking up to thirty times vomiting within a dozen or so hours. The problem with nausea during pregnancy can therefore be huge. How to deal with it?

Morning sickness - every pregnancy is different

Morning sickness can be manifested only by the unpleasant feeling accompanying future mothers in the morning, in shops (e.g. at the fish department) or on a crowded bus. They do not always lead to vomiting. However, sometimes they are so strong that they force them to visit the toilet many times on the same day. A small percentage of future mothers are so annoying that they prevent normal functioning in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Regardless of the intensity of the symptoms you experience, it is worth to follow the advice that allows morning nausea to slightly dampen.

Good news

The good information to start with is as follows:

  • pregnant nausea is not dangerous for your baby. They are "only" painful for you,
  • 50% of nauseous women also vomit - so you have a 50% chance that you will end up "only" with nausea ...
  • unpleasant sensations end in most future mothers at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant nausea is usually associated with hormonal fluctuations. A stable economy in the second trimester of pregnancy usually ends unpleasant symptoms associated with the onset of pregnancy.

Bad news

  • as much as 80% of future mothers experience nausea during pregnancy - that's why you will probably also be dealing with them.

Therefore, it's good to do everything to minimize unpleasant symptoms.

How to deal with morning sickness?