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Hair dyeing during pregnancy - decide whether to wait?

Hair dyeing during pregnancy - decide whether to wait?

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Pregnancy is an amazing time during which we care for ourselves in a special way. We don't do many things for the sake of our unborn child. Yes, just in case not to hurt. Is dyeing pregnant hair allowed then?

Hair dyeing during pregnancy - yes or no?

Regardless of what topic about pregnancy we will take and what question we will ask, there is the same difficulty. Namely - lack of certainty, because there are no test results that could confirm the harmfulness or harmlessness of cosmetic procedures in women expecting a child. Such tests are simply not carried out. Therefore, it is not possible to say with 100% certainty whether dyeing pregnant hair is safe or not.

That is why there are so many doubts that this popular hairdresser raises.

People who apply restrictive policies are convinced that it is better to skip coloring in pregnancy. Just in case. The argument is simple - Nine months is not eternity, you can bear it. On the other side of the barricade we will hear something completely different - we don't live in the Middle Ages, today the expectant mother does not have to neglect, you can easily use beauty and care treatments, without going to extremes. And who is right?

Certainly not in the first trimester

Given the possible negative effects of coloring on a developing fetus, doctors do not recommend dyeing hair in the first trimester of pregnancy. Of course, if you went to a hairdresser because you didn't know about early pregnancy, don't worry. The risk that you harmed your child in this way is small.

However, if you know about pregnancy, most experts recommend that you refrain from coloring until the second trimester of pregnancy.

This is a rule that should be followed. In more advanced pregnancy - dyeing yes, but not often and with caution.

Hair dyeing during pregnancy - be careful

If you decide to color your hair during pregnancy, be careful. Cold blowing is simply advisable in this case:


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