What do they spray in Biedronka?

What do they spray in Biedronka?

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A real hysteria. And this is the second time. Amazing and puzzling so much that it takes the form of paranoia. Like the ads he gathers around him. What is going on? For Świeżakowa mania. Where does the hysteria around these mascots come from? I wonder what employees of Biedronka (I don't suspect anyone) spray in stores that children are stupid at the sight of mascots, and parents will do everything to get them for the youngest?

I want Świeżak

Świeżaki returned to the Biedronka stores. For several days they have been proudly displayed in every discount. Right in a place where nobody would miss them. They are to be visible, but not only. They are to be at your fingertips so that you can reach for them. And have the illusion of their easy availability ...

Apparently, every day in the store there is once a situation when a child screams to the ground, howling that he wants his favorite Świeżak. Parents and grandparents are coming back from the cash register to add something to the basket to get another sticker. There is a famous example of theft of stickers entitling them to exchange them for mascots. There are online auctions for selling Świeżaks and stickers themselves, also very controversial ones in which a mascot is offered ... for sex.

Mocking memes are created about Biedronka's action. Every now and then the forums ask about stickers and replacement. Apparently this is an example of Polish bulbs, because the mascots theoretically do not impress with anything and can be purchased on the free market, without having to spend several hundred zlotys in a selected store.

Where does this hysteria come from?

What's worse, Świeżakowa hysteria does not result from spraying the psychotropic substance that was mentioned at the beginning. Nothing is known about this that would happen.

Mania results from our human nature ...

Which may surprise you.

Psychologists explain the phenomenon of Świeżak based on primitive human instincts. The strong need to buy a toy is the result of the unavailability and the strong need of people to hunt for "prey" as well as collect. History studies show that as people we have been doing this for over 80,000 years. And despite the modern developed civilization, these instincts in us are still strong. Marketers make great use of them.

That's why probably thousands of parents in Poland will do everything (or almost everything) to get Świeżak for the child. A toy that will soon hit next to several dozen, if not several hundred other stuffed animals that nobody plays with ...

And you like Świeżaki?