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Dad in the delivery room - survival guide

Dad in the delivery room - survival guide

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Family delivery is the norm today. Men feel obliged to accompany their partners at this amazing moment. The problem is that they are usually poorly prepared for delivery. What some read about the physiology of childbirth, they have perfected the technique of breathing, however, they know very little about the psychological aspects of childbirth. They have no idea how their "docile" wife can change, how a peaceful partner can behave and how to react when suddenly a woman giving birth to a heartfelt woman begins to challenge you and throw out that "it's your fault that you you did it because of you suffering so much. "

The woman giving birth may cry

Maybe weeping or howling like in the biggest torture. The sounds that sometimes give birth giving birth are a great test for even the greatest tough guy. Most often these are not subtle noises but real larum. Screams, crying, red face, disheveled hair and despair in the eyes. No wonder it's hard to survive all this while keeping your nerves of steel.

When you see that your partner is suffering, the situation looks dramatic, so much that you decide to intervene. The calm voice of the midwife or the doctor's translation are of little use then. Informing that the wife has already received anesthesia and it is too late for epidural anesthesia at such moments does not go to the future dad. There is fear that something is wrong ...

Many giving births he begins to lose his temper, challenges everyone and blames him for having a difficult delivery. Meanwhile, this is the worst possible choice because in this way instead of helping to give birth we wind the spiral of aggression. Expectant mother does not feel safer (and a sense of security determines efficient and quick delivery), on the contrary, she loses faith in her own strength and often childbirth is even more prolonged (not to mention the higher risk of complications).

Therefore, if she cries, screams, be next to her. Answer her needs. Keep steel nerves and keep in touch with medical staff. Trust the specialists.

I'm cold

During childbirth, a huge amount of adrenaline is released into the blood. Few people know that in addition to activating the body, the reaction may be a feeling of cold.

That is why it is worth having a bathrobe and socks next to you. Do not be surprised when in 10 minutes the woman giving birth will undress, because it is hot ... It is normal.

I don't give birth. We're going home

Get ready for 7 centimeter crisis, when the expectant mother is so exhausted by the labor campaign that she announces that you have to go for a doctor to stop the delivery, because you are about to get home that she is not giving birth and she is absolutely withdrawing from the whole enterprise.

Calmly. This is a signal that your child will be born soon. This is also the moment when the future mother should be given a lot of support. A little bit more and you will welcome the baby in the world.


Many women scream during childbirth. Although most midwives of the so-called old date do not recommend this form of expression so as not to "waste energy" and work on breath, there are plenty of women who simply help.

The scream can really be loud and scary.


Talking to yourself during delivery? Why not? Sometimes the expectant mother talks to herself and doesn't care what is happening next to her. It may look quite strange when the birthing woman convinces herself "you can do it," but of course this is not a signal that the future mother has lost her mind. Rather, a symptom that is trying to concentrate.


It happens that during delivery the woman will defecate. This is because the head passing through the birth canal presses the bladder and rectum. It makes no sense to worry about this fact, for hospital employees this is a normal situation that happens very often.

I have to get up ...

Women are not most comfortable born in a sitting position, as the movies show, but ... standing or kneeling. This is because the force of gravity acts in them, the head presses the cervix, it opens. Childbirth is faster and less painful.

Being aggressive or docile

Childbirth is a period of great hormonal storm to which the woman giving birth can react in a variety of ways, for example aggression or withdrawal. Delivering huge amounts of blood endorphins and adrenaline often gives quite surprising effects. More than one future mother has used to insult the future daddy, chase him out of the room or even try to unload anger on him. This is because, contrary to expectations, the presence of a partner can irritate you so much that you can't focus. Soothing touch instead of help, irritates, and support is not encouraging.

What to do if your partner chases you out the door? Of course, leave but be around. He can change his mind quickly. And don't take her behavior for any treasures.

It is typical for those giving birth to name calling, defying, attacking. On the other hand, there may also be emotions, the need for hugs. It all depends which hormones come to the fore.

What is worth remembering? It is worth responding to the partner's needs and not taking what she says. Well, unless he gives a whole list of praise about your skills. Then remember them and even code them :)

Good luck!