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Parent with child in the hospital - Polish reality - LIST

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The first moments with a newborn baby are beautiful, filled with joy, love and care. About this last one will be this letter.

Unfortunately, our son got sick shortly after giving birth. suspected pneumonia. The newborn's disease develops rapidly, which is why we were to watch the child closely and react to any change. The frequency of coughing increased, and there was a downpour after almost every meal, so we went to the children's hospital in Bydgoszcz (note of the Józef Brudzinski Provincial Children's Hospital) and this is how our adventure began.

After the party his son got an antibiotic and was given oxygen. The party itself went fairly smoothly, there were not many people, and yet we were the first to be adopted with an infant. Medical care was also at the level. That's probably so many positives about this sanctuary. I wanted to describe the conditions that new mums have to face, often still in childbirth, breastfeeding, as well as parents of older children in the Department of Pneumonology and Allergology with the Infant Subunit in Bydgoszcz at ul. Chodkiewicz

Every young mother wants to be with her child, as it turns out, this is a privilege for which you have to pay with health; back pain, bruising, and cash. A place to sleep for parents folding armchair into a reclining position. One or two nights you can sleep so, but not 7 or 14. I understand that the hospital is not a hotel, but it would be better to put a camp bed, or even a folding mattress, so that you can straighten up, and not spend the whole night half-bent, and in the morning waking up with bruises on the legs from the arm of the chair or numb limbs. In the older children section, parents slept on beds with children. If it is possible with a 2 or 3 year old, then with a 7 or 8 it is getting embarrassing.

Coming back to the money for the fact that a parent stays with the child in hospital, they pay a fee of PLN 18 per night. It has to be reimbursement for the consumption of water, electricity and probably air, because converting it into a month, comes out about 540 PLN per person. Our family of 4 does not consume so much water and electricity per month, and believe me, a toilet in a hospital with a child left in the room is kept to a minimum. Keeping several products in the fridge with dozens of other people should probably not be that expensive.

I was breastfeeding my son, he was not entitled to any food, I took care of him for 24 hours a day, helping the nurses. One could say that I was a full-time babysitter and we were still required to pay. One or two children stayed without parents and was under the care of the hospital. It gave us a picture of how much parents are needed there. The babies were crying a lot, and the nurses only fed and changed them. What would happen if a dozen or so children were left there? Probably nothing else could be done except care, and where to give medicines to everyone, prepare inhalations, take them for tests, change bedding and many other things.

And now something about sanitary conditions. One bathroom for several rooms for parents was an inconvenience but a faucet failure in the room lasting several days is an exaggeration. The sink was not only used for washing hands, but also served as a bath tub and allowed the baby to be rolled hygienically, without having to go out into the corridor and expose it to drafts.

Besides, the entire width of the wall was a glass separating us from the office in which the nurses stayed. Zero intimacy and mental comfort. Especially after what was to happen.

I came across a room with a crying infant without parents and a child, who had an allergy which later turned out to be not just an allergy contagious diseasewhich required careful hygiene. Without a tap it was difficult and the fear of infection was huge. Instead of giving the child some isolation, they were only banned from leaving the room, which made me even more anxious.

After 9 nights in an uncomfortable armchair with a non-toddler child without a mother, no tap and bathroom, as well as fear of undiagnosed illness, I was struck by a crisis. I told my husband crying and he took care of the rest. He went to the director for an interview. There was no end to contradictory information and translations.

What about a crying child without parents? The director ordered to call the nurses, because it was their duty, the head of the ward, in turn, said that they are not a care facility, but a treatment facility, and nurses can calm the child down in their free time. Well, they didn't have such moments. It is a pity that no one thought about waking up, other sick children and their parents. Of course, it was a pity we were a crying toddler, but strange luck after the complaint, the child calmed down and was almost still asleep until the end of our stay. Unfortunately, some nurses did not escape the complaint and pierced me with a deadly look from behind the glass, no response, e.g. to my thank you for looking after my child, malicious comments at the door. Some ladies behaved as if they were working as punishment, arrogant, passionless, bored with other people.

The whole stay was very difficult for me, not only because of my child's illness, but also because of the conditions and atmosphere there. I hope that you will never need to go back there again. Ania