You gave birth a month / year ago and you don't have a stomach like Lewandowska? And who cares?

You gave birth a month / year ago and you don't have a stomach like Lewandowska? And who cares?

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Anna Lewandowska can be liked or disliked. Just like you or me. The difference is that the wave of sympathy or dislike in Lewandowska's case is higher and stronger. Why? The reason is simple. Anna Lewandowska is a celebrity. I, and I suppose that you also don't appear on television, I'm not a well-known coach, player and I don't have a popular footballer as a husband. There is something else. I couldn't build a perfect figure like Lewandowska. Even in a dark room, my stomach does not look similar to Ania's, even in a dark room. For clarification, I wasn't born a month ago, but ... two years ago, which definitely works against me. And you know something? I don't care much. I don't feel pressure to look different. And I don't hate Lewandowska.

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I don't compare myself to the stars. For one simple reason - my life and Ania Lewandowska's life is completely different. That is why I have no problem with the fact that she has a flat stomach right after delivery, and I'm not trying to have it two years after it. And I do not understand why such a wave of criticism that flowed on Lewandowska, to quote at least High Heels:

Anna Lewandowska, a karate player, a popular trainer and wife of Robert Lewandowski (in this order), returned a month after the birth of the child to professional activity, and the gossip media went crazy. "She showed her belly!", "Flat belly, MONTH after delivery", "Lewandowska quickly got rid of her pregnancy belly!" Well great, expensive and less unusual we have - the bar has been raised again for you. You have another reason to worry and complexes.

One simple question arises, what does who care, what does Anna Lewandowska look like after giving birth? And even if it's so important to you, why don't you feel motivated but rather overwhelmed? After all, Anna Lewandowska is a sportsman, a person who cares about his figure every day, devotes a lot of time to exercise. Instead of being surprised that it looks great a month after delivery, it's better to just understand it. It would be strange if she looked different. Her body was used to exercising for years. Ania's priority has been training and healthy eating. Pregnancy has changed little in this topic.

A great comment from internet user Ania:

So much is said about the need to stop body shaming, why should this only apply to women with a "imperfect" figure? Let's give Ania Lewandowska the right to such a figure as she has and let's not criticize her wherever she can.

Małgorzata has a different opinion:

All these Lewandowski and similar are socially harmful. They warp, reduce and infantilize normal life, bringing them to the level of gyms and box diets. It has nothing to do with health. The average woman thinks whether her breast pad is not leaking on a walk with the stroller and does not go to exercise (without the stroller).

It is worth noting that Ania's flat stomach is the result of a healthy lifestyle, and not anger just after giving birth to quickly get back in shape. In addition, the celebrity imposes nothing on anyone, encourages physical activity tailored to our abilities, even walking. And do you really deserve her hatred?

Or maybe because he has money, can afford to employ a nanny, home help? That one month after delivery she has time to go to the pool or just a match in which her husband plays? Maybe it hurts the most that a staff of stylists doesn't jump with an average Polish woman? And the chances of a perfect look after pregnancy are uneven?


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