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When a child cannot eat everything ... Conversation with the author of the blog Smakołyki Allergy

When a child cannot eat everything ... Conversation with the author of the blog Smakołyki Allergy

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. What is the hardest thing in a little allergic person's life?

Patrycja Wnorowska Treats Allergy: Understanding your illness and the resulting restrictions. It is not easy for a toddler to understand that he cannot eat what his peers can feel, he is different. This is where parents must step in to manage the issue of "otherness" wisely. There are universal rules that make it easier for a child who can't eat everything?

Red Velvet Cake Allergy Treats

Patrycja Wnorowska: I don't know if it's universal. It is certainly easier for a child who has equally interesting and perhaps more interesting replacements at his disposal. If a friend eats a popular candy bar, our child should also have a candy bar, except of course that it is suitable for an allergy sufferer. If none of the bars available on the market are suitable for our toddler, we make him a home replacement and pack in something nice. It is worth emphasizing the uniqueness of the delicacy - that it does not hurt, is healthy, tasty and has a unique packaging. We can also bake it with our kid. Only one universal rule comes to mind - treating allergies without problems. You are allergic, but not you alone, it's not a big deal. You can do it, you are great, and, after a while, the allergy will start to go away. It may not go away either ...

Patrycja Wnorowska: Of course it won't pass. But the allergens will change - they will no longer sensitize eggs and milk, they will begin to sensitize mites or nuts. Only that these changes for the child will mean that the disease is passing, because it will start eating previously banned chocolate. What mistakes should be avoided so that the child does not feel stigmatized?

sugar-free and gluten-free sunflower bars Treats Allergy

Patrycja Wnorowska: We do not talk about the child's illness with the child. Yes, but not with other people with the child. If such a topic appears, we gently but firmly trim the topic. We do not complain, we do not wring our hands, we do not remind at every step about the disease. We don't whisper, we don't panic. We try to make everyday life ordinary and normal. And what about grandmothers / aunts or other people who underestimate the problem and encourage them to eat at least a bit?

Patrycja Wnorowska: Unfortunately, there is only one way for such people - they should be frightened that if they ingest even a little allergen, the child will get a shock, which can end tragically. Even the most stubborn aunt usually gives up. Faster adults or children tame the subject?

Patrycja Wnorowska: Children have no problem with allergies. For them, it's not unusual that a colleague can't eat something or has a rash. They don't notice it. It is adults who like to box. It is most difficult to tame allergies to allergy parents. But the allergic person, at least that was the case with us, understood and accepted that this or that is forbidden. What ingredients / products are the most difficult to replace?

Patrycja Wnorowska: In my opinion, eggs. There is nothing that will naturally give lightness to cakes. This is a valuable, healthy product. It is easier with other things. Everything can be replaced, but is vegan yellow cheese something worth eating? You have to read the labels and do not insist on substitutes with a long, chemical composition. The biggest discovery in the kitchen that revolutionizes the elimination menu?

Patrycja Wnorowska: My biggest elimination finding was understanding that you can live healthier with allergies. That thanks to the fact that I can't go the easy way, my children don't have to indulge in glucose syrup or highly processed foods. In addition, it is difficult to talk about one discovery, because for everyone something else is the most important. If a child is accustomed to breakfast in the form of cereal with milk, then the revolution is vegetable "milk". If it turns out that he can't eat cereals, then the biggest discovery will be bread baked from seeds. Thanks to allergies you can live healthier ... Many complain, however, that such a diet is more expensive. Truth?

Tartlets with currants. Treats. Allergy

Patrycja Wnorowska: It's more expensive, yes. But first of all, we have no choice, and secondly it is some kind of investment. Therefore, it pays and pays off. It is worse with time investments - it's worth managing time perfectly if we need to prepare everything for our allergy sufferer. Although once we get the hang of it, it will take us less time to bake bread than to go to the store for bread. Not to mention the fact that when we eat home-made bread we really know what we are eating. Iron menu without allergens, for example for a birthday party? There?

Patrycja Wnorowska: Of course. At Easter and at Christmas. Many such recipes can be found in my book '100 treats for people with allergies'. Examples of fast meals and ones that always go well?

Patrycja Wnorowska: Any dish will succeed if we have a knack for cooking. Difficulties can arise with cakes, because vegan or gluten-free baked goods can be capricious. Quick dishes are a very nice thing. Soup-creams are quickly made, vegetable stews, which can be served with porridge or wrapped in a tortilla, pasta with pesto, e.g. pumpkin. If we have very little time, we can use frozen food. Thank you for the interview


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