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Magmisie, or glucose syrup, sugar and ... magnesium

Magmisie, or glucose syrup, sugar and ... magnesium

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Every parent wants the best for their child. AND every producer wants to earn: as much as possible while spending as little as possible. Considering these two issues, it is not surprising the popularity of many products, which at first glance and when common sense should not stand the test of time. However, it turns out that they are not only loudly debuting on the market, but their sales increase with the next months.

The rule is confirmed: advertising is enough, good goods are not needed. An experienced manufacturer is doing everything to imprint in the social consciousness "this is good" and even more "it is necessary for your child's health", and the parent buys, believing that it is necessary. There is no awareness that someone is him pushes cheap and harmful substances at a price several times higher than their value. A great example showing this mechanism is Magmisie, jelly beans for concentration.

Magmisie from Aflofarm

Aflofarm is a well-known producer who has such pearls as Tulleo or Apetizer. In the portfolio you will find ready products for almost every known ailment. In this Magmisie, which have been aggressively advertised in almost every sales channel for over a year - television, radio, press for parents. Nothing unusual, they have an inadequate composition for the price - the manufacturer makes you pay a lot for cheap substances, secondly are to fill the market gap, proposing magnesium for children, an ingredient that supplements many adults, in other words a prescription for better concentration encapsulated in sweet jelly beans.

However, will the child really be focused when we give him sugar and glucose syrup, which are in the first places in the composition of the product? After all, it is always known and it is not secret knowledge that excess sugar does not help in focus, on the contrary - it makes children become unhealthy.

What are Magmisie?

Magmisie it diet supplement, colorful jelly beans with three flavors - lemon, raspberry and orange enclosed in a convenient package, similar to that in which classic jellies are available.

The manufacturer boasts that Magmisie contain magnesium citrate, that is, its well absorbed form. And that's good news! Unfortunately, apart from that there are only reasons for concern.

First, jelly beans contain little magnesium, we have 57 mg in two jellies. Meanwhile, the daily magnesium requirement in children between 1 and 3 years old is 80 mg, and in children from 4 to 9- 130 mg. It is easy to calculate that the recommended consumption of two jellies a day is able to meet at most half the demand for magnesium, and in the case of the youngest children. Older children would have to eat a lot more jelly beans for this type of supplementation to make sense. What's worse - jelly beans should be eaten regularly, otherwise it's pointless.

Secondly, jelly beans it dietary supplement that is not a medicine. It is not controlled in any way, which was "beautifully" shown by the loud scandal of early 2017, during which NIK announced that in fecal bacteria and carcinogens found... Also, it's not enough that the dietary supplement may not help, but it is likely to hurt. Supreme Audit Office, noting alarming increase in the popularity of dietary supplements, informs on its website that the situation "requires urgent improvement of regulation" so that dietary supplements can be considered safe.

Thirdly Magmisie have a striking composition. What do we get by paying around PLN 11 for 30 jellies? In the first four places is glucose syrup, sugar, water and gelatin - cheap ingredients. Do you believe sugar will help your child concentrate? How will it affect the toddler's teeth? What about weight? Jelly beans are sweets ...

Fourthly economy. If we want to supply magnesium with Magmisi, we must count on one package for ... attention 5 days (from the manufacturer: children over 3 years of age and adults: 2 jellies 1-3 times a day), i.e. monthly treatment costs about 66 zlotys... Do you already know why you hear Magmisi advertising on the radio, television, even several times a day?

Magmisie is, in our opinion, the Parent KIT.

Do you want to provide your child with magnesium? Serve wholemeal bread, nuts, buckwheat, white beans, peas, pumpkin seeds, apples. And if your doctor recommends supplements instead of sweet jellybeans, reach for the tablets - of course in consultation with a good pediatrician.


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