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Motherhood playpen

Motherhood playpen

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Until I got pregnant my knowledge of motherhood was negligible. A different state made me start my education based on professional and popular literature. I also tried to be up to date with all the news and gadgets that were supposed to bring relief or give pleasure while waiting for my baby.

The story of a certain pillow

A close friend who had a delivery room less than three months before me, she praised the croissant-shaped pillow. This item was designed with future mothers in mind to help them choose the right and safe sleeping position. Intrigued by the gadget, I decided to consult several online forums. In this way I came across a more extensive pillow model, which was the playpen. Being impressed by the versatile use of the item, I wanted to become its owner. From among several companies, my choice was Motherhood. My husband and the other family members said that I had chosen a rather expensive cuddly toy, which in their opinion was another a fad of a pregnant woman. However, they realized that the woman was hopefully not denied (especially me) and soon after that the courier came to me with the long-awaited package. I would add that the above situation took place at the beginning of the second trimester of my pregnancy.

Investment made

My child's father changed his skeptical attitude towards the unusual pillow on the first night. Not only was the expenditure of PLN 120 overwhelming, but he became convinced of the wonderful properties of my pen. The product has been repeatedly appreciated by the readers of a popular magazine, has been described for several years in a row as the gadget of the year. My pillow was clothed in white, zippered pillowcase, which was decorated with tasteful floral ornaments in a purple shade. Thanks to the fact that it was made of very good quality cotton, even after many washes and almost two years of intensive use, it still looks like new. The inside was filled with soft balls made of certified Lentex Ball polyester fiber. The pillow was adapted to my changing body and belly growing at an alarming rate. Its dimensions allowed me to take a comfortable position during short naps and during sleep.

What can the playpen be used for?

The shape of the product is also important. A form similar to the letter C enabled me to customize the item to my needs. I could arrange the pillow so as to bring relief to my tired back, supporting my head and the aching area of ​​the cross. Turning the gadget the other way round, I obtained the position convenient for the stomachwhich simultaneously eliminated neck tension. Thanks to the pen in the morning, despite frequent trips to the bathroom, I got up refreshed and relaxed.

Career pillows it did not end with the birth of my daughter. The gadget also accompanied me in the hospital. I appreciated him immediately after delivery, during the first attempts to breastfeed your baby. Curled up in a circle, it made it almost painless to sit, which was of great importance, as freshly sewn seams often made themselves felt. In addition, I used the protruding corner of the pillow as a support for the child and relieved my arms.

I discovered another advantage of the pillow after returning from the hospital. She served me she as a playpen. It was enough to roll up the corners in something that looked like an oval and put the baby inside. On the one hand, such a tight nest was the perfect protection and barrier for a toddler who could roll off the bed, on the other hand it gave a substitute for a mummy belly, from which the daughter had to move out.

The pillow gadget matched my child's age. When my daughter began to crawl with it, I marked her area that she could explore safely. Then the playpen returned to my bedroom and served as a long headboard. During the renovation, I packed it in the original packaging, made of high-quality PVC film and put it in the bottom of the wardrobe. I could successfully put it up on some online auction or sell it to a familiar truck, but I have too much fondness for it. I do not exclude the fact that in the distant future it may be useful to me again.

I do not regret

Among the few gadgets that I already bought during pregnancy, I count this as a parental hit. The ergonomic playpen found recognition not only in my eyes, but also came in handy for my child. It was really well invested money.


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