From what age can a girl use colored cosmetics?

From what age can a girl use colored cosmetics?

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A great promotional campaign in a well-known cosmetics chain. In drugstores all over Poland you can buy branded products at least 49% cheaper. No wonder that crowds gather in front of the stands.

Hardly anyone pays attention to little girls who alone ... or accompanied by their mothers choose mascara or lipstick. They are 11-12 years old, some maybe more. They change among the eye shadows, some reach for foundations.

I myself was a witness to a situation when my mother advised me to choose the right foundation for my 12-year-old daughter. I honestly admit I was surprised. Maybe I shouldn't?

Memory lane

Eighth grade of primary school. A friend dyed two strands of blonde hair with red tissue paper. Note to the diary and order her to "wash it off her head." The girl lowers her embarrassed head and quietly apologizes. At home, he washes his head several times .... Unfortunately, the color of the hair does not go off so quickly ... In the next lessons the girl cringes in the corner, avoiding the teacher's eyes, and she looks irritably in her direction.

House. We put eyeshadow with my friend in my mother's absence. We are afraid to move lipsticks. Similarly nail polish. We know it's not allowed. Besides, shadows are also not, but they are easier to wash off ... When we look at the delicate eye makeup, we quickly remove it, so that my mother does not see anything when she returns from home. We carefully put the box away and slip out of the bathroom. Mom doesn't know.

Today the approach to the topic is different. It happens that colored nails already have girls in kindergarten, because ... it's supposedly sweet. At school, hardly anyone reacts to full makeup. Why? Apparently, for fear that the teacher will have a "headmaster" headquarters to which the child's parent will go. Because it's not like it used to be. Mom will not pay attention to her daughter, because she gave her cosmetics herself. A contemporary mother will go to the teacher and ask if she has a problem and let her deal with what they pay for her - teaching and not meddling in other people's matters ...

Aging by force ...

When we are several years old, we want to grow up. I know because I wanted to. I was fascinated when I saw my mother applying makeup in the morning. I dreamed about the moment when I could paint myself.

Today I look with surprise at makeup teenagers. Often, incompetently painted ... which look just plain ugly, a lot older and I am sorry to write this, cheesy. Some want to hide acne, but they hurt themselves ... They like it. I believe it because I still remember how I approached the subject several years ago. However, I am of the opinion that the parent is there to supervise and tell his daughter - Honey, you still have time ... Don't do this.

It's unhealthy

There are a lot of opinions about the consequences of using cosmetics too early. It should be remembered that the so-called coloring is not free from "chemistry", which can adversely affect the developing endocrine system, adversely affect the baby's delicate skin - irritate it, clog it and cause imperfections. There is no lack of controversial articles on the carcinogenic effects of cosmetics. The results of court hearings are known in which large cosmetics companies were forced to pay huge damages due to the dangerous impact of their cosmetics ...

Forbid? It will make up itself

Some parents assume that an adolescent teenager will do it his own way, so instead of forbidding, it is better to participate in the choice of cosmetics and have influence on how the child will look. All this to avoid the situation of painting the face behind the school quickly and quickly ... So choose a way out - under parental control, but in moderation. Hypoallergenic colored cosmetics, often natural, which are recommended for children, can be helpful in this topic. They have a delicate composition, are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Some of them can be used from 3 years of age.

However, is it really a good choice?

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