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Scrabble Junior - is it worth buying? reviews

Scrabble Junior - is it worth buying? reviews

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Scrabble is a cult word game that has loyal fans around the world. It is great for memory, concentration, allows you to develop the ability of logical thinking and prediction, develops vocabulary and teaches creativity. In addition to the classic version dedicated to adults, there is also an option for children - Scrabble Junior with two levels of difficulty. Is it worth buying it?

Scrabble Junior for six years

Scrabble Junior is a game that has a chance to appeal to children who know letters. Note, however, not only large printed, but also small. This is why the manufacturer on the packaging recommends playing for six-year-olds, because at this age most children start reading. Nothing prevents a five-year-old girl from being interested in the game, especially if a child of this age is open to learning to read and write.

Word formation - two levels of difficulty

Scrabble Junior is a game that allows you to play on two levels.

The board is double-sided. One has fields like a crossword puzzle. Each is dedicated to a specific word that can be guessed by looking at the drawings next to it. You can also use the instruction manual included with the game.

Although the fields are already marked with some letters, the game is not easy. You have to find the right letters that we draw from the bag. Creating a word can be a great challenge, but also allows you to have fun.

On the back of the board there are already typical fields for playing Scrabble, which allow you to create words yourself. This page of the board is dedicated to older children, for eight years. The manufacturer assumes that Scrabble will be a great way to play for children from 6 to 10 years old.

And it really is. Our six-year-old is having fun putting together words. Thanks to Scrabble she learned the lowercase letters very quickly. For now, it is based on a page with fields forming entire words. I think that in the future we will make it slightly more difficult to use the second board.

Scrabble is a cult game that is simply worth having. It is well made, virtually indestructible. Many children will love it.

Price: around PLN 80

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